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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Clapham Personal Training: Your goals for the next 12 months

    Clapham Personal Training: Your goals for the next 12 months

    Janaury is often the time for new resolutions and goals, the old horrible year is behind us and the fresh new one ahead, lots to look forward to and tonnes to achieve. So why do so many people fail to make it past the first month? People love an excuse, and they like to have circumstances to blame for why they haven’t hit their goal. It could be the weather, your job, your partner, your commute, your diary, your dog, etc., the list can go on and on. So how can you make sure you are where you want to be come January 2019? Well first of all actually set one singular goal, one massive goal that will make the biggest difference in your life, it doesn’t have to be health and ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Exercising During Your First Trimester

    Exercising During Your First Trimester

    Pregnancy and exercise haven’t always gone hand in hand, there used to be a bit of caution around exercising not only your core during pregnancy but just in general. It was thought it would stop the baby getting enough oxygen, it would increase the risk of miscarriage and put your own health at risk, now while some of these issues do have some legitimacy, overall you will actually thrive if you are exercising throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal training helps the mum maintain lean muscle mass, it helps the posture and reduces postural related injuries like lower back pain and it helps with post pregnancy recovery. Finally the one major bonus of keeping fit during your ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Fitness over the Christmas period

    Fitness over the Christmas period

    In the last 24 hours, London has had snow, mince pies are out, shops are playing Xmas songs. It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas but the one thing that usually suffers around now are people’s health and fitness goals. It is usually a time filled with late night work parties, alcohol, rich tasty food and bitter frozen mornings/evenings. When that is all added up together it really does make it hard for you to get motivated to keep eating well and maintaining your fitness programme, especially if it incorporates running outside!! So what is it you can do between today, Monday 11 th December and Monday 1 st January 2018, you have 3 weeks to ensure you start ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Festive squash salad

    Festive squash salad

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the most calorific times of the year too! So to ensure that you stay on track with your nutrient intake while feeling all Christmassy we put together this little salad that is packed full of flavour that you can prep for a few lunches throughout the week. This is enough for 2 portions, so split the pecans and cranberries. Ingredients
    1 Butternut Squash, cut into cubes 100g Pecans 30g Dried cranberries Baby spinach Rocket Maple syrup pinch of pink Himalayan salt pinch of Cinnamon Orange juice Olive oil Lemon pepper from Spice Mountain (course black pepper will do instead) What you need to do
    1) ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Clapham Personal Training: Are estimates ruining your weight loss goals

    Clapham Personal Training: Are estimates ruining your weight loss goals

    Guesstimate - an estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation. All too often we work by using this formula, you kind of know how many calories are in a muffin and a coffee and you almost certainly burnt off over 400 calories because you ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, got hot and sweaty, not to mention out of breathe. So they even each other out right? More often than not most women who are training for either weight loss, a toned body or just general health will guess on how many calories are in their foods that they are eating, they have a general idea of what is healthy and what isn’t and know that most skinny muffins are around the 250 calorie mark, add a ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Apple Crisps

    Apple Crisps

    This recipe is almost a part 2 for our pumpkin spice mix as we put together some pumpkin spiced apple crisps for a nice little treat. This is a simple but great alternative to keep your sweet tooth at bay and ensure your calorie count stays low. The only ingredients you need are 2 apple and our Pumpkin spice mix from our previous blog post. -Preheat the oven to 160C/140C Gas and gas mark 3 -Cut the apples into thin slices and place on baking paper. - Sprinkle the pumpkin spice mix over the top and place the apples in the oven - Cook for an hour and turn half way If you are using a dehydrator like we have then just follow the instructions for your make and cook the apples until they are ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Pumpkin Spice Mix

    Pumpkin Spice Mix

    Happy Pumpkin Day! Its Halloween and it is peak pumpkin season in all the shops, from pies to spiced lattes it is everywhere at this time of year. So if you are looking to get your fix moving forwards then take on our simple spice mix to use as and where you want. Today I put some of it over some sliced apple and it was incredible so get a little creative with it. WARNING
    You may not like some of the spices, if this is the case, please just cut them out and play around this is just a guideline and you can include allspice which isn't in this recipe as I didn't have any in the cupboard, but it worked out just fine! Ingredients 4 tsp Cinnamon 2 tsp Ginger 1 tsp Nutmeg 1tsp Mace 1/2 tsp ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Prepping for winter training

    Prepping for winter training

    After having got back from the 33 degree heat of Valencia over the weekend, Clapham Common was cold this morning! So I thought it would be fitting to put a little post up about how to keep active over the colder months of the year. The saying is that summer bodies are made in the winter because this is the most regular time for people to stop their training and to give up on being as regimented with their nutrition. Below are a few short tips on what you should be doing to ensure you continue training during the winter and to help you on your way to better results leading into 2018. 1) Clothing
    – this is such a simple one to look at but make sure you have the correct clothing ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Can you still exercise while pregnant? YES!

    Can you still exercise while pregnant? YES!

    There is a lot of contradicting information out there about when you exercise, what you should and shouldn’t do during each trimester, but what you need to remember is that there are different studies taking place at every given moment and that each and every pregnancy is different. I have had a number of mums to be stop their training at around the 4 month point due to exhaustion and I have had other mums work with me up until a week before they gave birth, each person will have a different reaction to exercise but it is important to keep yourself as active as possible and don’t just take 9 months off as the more active you are the easier the birth will be. Even if ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Clapham Personal Training: How to beat bloating

    Clapham Personal Training: How to beat bloating

    Bloating is a pain, it usually comes after you have eaten and can cause a number of issues like uncomfortableness, a swelling of the belly and gas. It has become quite the problem with a decrease in the quality of diet, increase in stress levels and exposure to pollution and medications. The bloating usually comes from air being caught in the digestive system, causing the stomach to stick out, it will vary how badly you are effected but some people joke about looking pregnant it gets that bad. unfortunately because it comes down to your gut health, there are many issues that can cause bloating, and it can be hard to pin down what is causing your stomach to flare up, if it ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Beating the Monday blues!

    Beating the Monday blues!

    Monday blues, most people have it and it is a worldwide issue. The alarm goes off after a weekend of fun and sleep, then all you want is for your bed to swallow you up and it be Saturday again. But what if we could help make that Monday morning routine a little easier? There are little bits you can do over the course of the weekend and on Sunday night to help reduce the lack of energy come Monday morning. So instead of smashing your alarm clock up and taking in 23 shots of espresso, you can attack the day ahead of you and feel fantastic. Women are found to be more prone to fatigue than men and around 10% of the world population are said to be fatigued at any given time but we ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Eat your way to hydration in Clapham

    Eat your way to hydration in Clapham

    A simple post today but o ur personal training clients are sick to death of us telling them to drink more water, it is pretty much all we go on about to try and get them into the habit of drinking enough water to ensure they are fully hydrated and to help their body function at its maximum efficiency. See without enough water in your system you will obviously become dehydrated but that can lead to other issues like tiredness, headaches, dizziness, cravings for sugar and reduce the function of your cells. In case you didn’t know we are made up of around 60% water so if the body is dehydrated alarms bells go off, so instead of us going on about drinking more fluids, I thought we ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Personal Training Clapham Commons: Why you need to track your workouts

    Personal Training Clapham Commons: Why you need to track your workouts

    Tracking your workouts could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to your health and fitness goals. All too often people start off incredibly well, get some great results and then stop seeing progress, causing them to give up on their training for a number of reasons. Don’t feel like the workout is doing anything, can’t see results or no muscle soreness post workout. All of these can be a result of you not tracking your workouts. If you keep a log of what you achieved in your last workout then you know how heavy you lifted, how many reps you did, what tempo you worked at and you can create a plan to help constantly improve your training. You can give ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Why you should have an oil diffuser

    Why you should have an oil diffuser

    These little accessories should be a staple in every home, a small little bulb that pumps out a mist that can help aid a magnitude of issues with health. From reducing stress and aiding sleep to giving an energetic boost and improved cognitive function. Diffusers can be picked up online for a really reasonable price, I managed to get my one reduced from £50 down to £18 on amazon and I cannot recommend it enough. I mainly use my one to aid sleep and destress but below are a few other ways it can help you and we will give you a little tip on what essential oil you can use to achieve this. The beauty of this is you can constantly play around and as you will see there ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to beat mommy thumb

    How to beat mommy thumb

    As if having a baby wasn’t hard enough, after 9 months of carrying your child/children, going through labour and birth then comes along an issue like mommy thumb, aka De Quervain’s condition. This is where the tendons in the wrist become inflamed and cause a pain from the thumb leading into the wrist which is caused by them rubbing on the tunnel that they sit in, which can cause anything from a little discomfort to agonizing pain. The way to test whether you have De Quervains is to tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand and bring the fingers over the top so you have made a first with the thumb in the middle. Now bend the wrist as if you are pushing your little finger ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Superfood Uncovered - Kefir

    Superfood Uncovered - Kefir

    Kefir, pronounced Kee – Fur, is a tangy yoghurt drink that is full of probiotic benefits for your stomach and digestion along with lots of other nutrients. It can be made from multiple liquid sources including milk, water and coconut water. Kefir is made by adding the kefir grains to the liquid and then allowing to sit and ferment for at least 24 hours, after this time period the grains are strained and then added to a new batch of liquid to create more. This cycle can be continued indefinitely. You can do this process at home but it can cause illness if you get the process wrong so it is easier to just purchase from a trusted supplier. In one portion of kefir not ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Improve your tennis with these 5 exercises

    Improve your tennis with these 5 exercises

    With Wimbledon nearly at a close, British summer actually looking like it’s going to stay we thought it would be best to go over the best ways for you to improve your tennis game so you can get out there on the courts and hit some fantastic winning shots with ease. If you are looking at getting out there and playing a few sets then making sure that your body can cope with the explosive nature of the sport is a sure-fire way to give you a slight edge over your competitor. The best thing you can do is train using these 5 exercises to improve your strength and to boost your power. 1) Wood chops
    – Using either a medicine ball or a cable machine, start with the weight ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Why you should focus on the end game - Personal Training Clapham

    Why you should focus on the end game - Personal Training Clapham

    95% of personal training clients that we see will come to us for a short term goal, whether that is a holiday in 3 months, a party/event in 6 months or their wedding in 12 months, but not many will look at putting their focus on the long term. While it is great to have targets and they form an integral part of any success by keeping you focused, you need to keep an eye on all aspects of your health and fitness, not just getting a little bit more in shape before your next summer holiday. If you think about any type of sports, they have a season, they have a number of teams or oppositions they face throughout their year to compete for the championships, and you need to think of your life in ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Should you use a 1200 calorie diet plan

    Should you use a 1200 calorie diet plan

    This is a popular range for a lot of diets these day, certain meal replacement shakes set you a target of 1200 calories and multiple magazines have been shown to promote this low intake of calories for a guide to losing (insert random weight) amount of pounds in (insert short time frame) amount of days. It seems easy right? Just cut back on what you are eating for, lets say 10 days. You restrict everything you are eating for that short space of time and in return you are promised to lose a certain number of lbs before your holiday, wedding, party or what other event you have coming up that you would like to feel slightly more comfortable in your outfit. All of it sounds good, so should ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Are you burning out?

    Are you burning out?

    Burnout is horrendous, you start feeling terrible, you lose interest in things you used to love and your body begins to shut itself down. It comes from a combination of excessive stress and physical exertion, lack of sleep and often poor nutrition. People underestimate what an impact stress can have on their lives and we are currently in a generation where it is all systems go, 24/7. With technology increasing at an alarming rate and with more jobs being cut, we are forced to show our worth by aiming for unachievable targets, working harder and smarter, being on call all the time with work emails at home and many other issues that just mean you cannot shut off. This overwhelming level of ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Can you eat smarter to aid fat loss?

    Can you eat smarter to aid fat loss?

    If you are currently looking at lowering your calorie intake or you have previously tried to cut down on how much food you eat each day then you know how tough it can be to get through the day without destroying a whole pack of mini eggs and other foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating, leading to you eating more calories than your target for losing the excess body fat. The best thing you can do to aid yourself so you don’t get tempted by the office biscuits? Find foods high on the satiety list, these foods are ones that are high in fibre, protein and other nutrients that keep you feeling fuller for longer. If you are still struggling and it isn’t a case of you ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - London 2017 Marathon, 6 Tips To Aid Recovery

    London 2017 Marathon, 6 Tips To Aid Recovery

    First of all shout out to the legend that got pictured helping out a fellow runner to get across the line at the London marathon 2017, I am sure that other gestures like this happened all around the course but didn't get captured, so well done to all who got around. The weekend has just passed and so has the London marathon, the incredible group of people who got themselves ready to run that 26.2 miles, especially those in fancy dress! I have never understood how they have managed to get around that course with additional weight and baggage, it is hard enough getting yourself around let alone doing it dressed up! The 2 below are fantastic examples from this years race, cracking effort! ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - What is insulin sensitivity?

    What is insulin sensitivity?

    A lot of our personal training clients have heard the word insulin branded about here and there but not many of them truly understand the process that it is included in so we thought we would explain it a little bit for you so you can try to control it a little more an aid you on your weight loss and toning journey. Your body’s insulin response will vary depending upon many variables like your genetics, your exercise routine, your dietary intake and your weight. Not only can it lead to a healthier life, but getting your Insulin Sensitivity, IS, in place means that you could lose body fat quicker and also improve your athletic performance, so it is definitely something that is well ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Weekend Granola Recipe

    Weekend Granola Recipe

    This is perfect in the morning either by itself or sprinkled on top of some yoghurt and includes some fantastic flavours, obviously you can pick and choose the nuts, seeds and fruit included but we like this mix. The main part of this you need to make the base of the granola is the oats, maple syrup and coconut oil. From there you can get creative. Ingredients 3 cups of rolled oats 1 cup of slice almonds ½ cup pumpkin seeds 2tsp chia seeds ½ cup dried cranberries ½ cup maple syrup 1/3 rd cup melted coconut oil 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp cinnamon Extra toppings ½ cup bee pollen ½ cup cocoa nibs -Pre heat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit, and place ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to eat to match your menstrual cycle

    How to eat to match your menstrual cycle

    So a couple of posts ago we looked at how you shoulder alter your training to combat what is going on during your period, the slight changes ensure that you continue achieving results at all times and we statedback then that we would cover the nutrition, so here we are. This post is hopefully going to be simple and short but obviously if you have any questions let us know and we will hopefully answer these for you! Let’s just have a quick reminder of the stages of the cycle; Stages of the menstrual cycle Days 1-5 Menstrual Phase Days 6-13 Follicular phase Day 14 Ovulation Days 15-28 Luteal phase Nutrition for days 1-14 For the first half of your cycle you ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Broccoli Pizza

    Broccoli Pizza

    So I am the biggest fan of pizza, I love it, but obviously it is absolutely terrible for getting and keeping in shape, but every now and again we need a treat, there is that day off you want to take so why not look at introducing a healthier alternative to a bit of a treat? This doesn’t mean you can now eat pizza every day as this will not lead to results, but it does mean you can feel a little better about eating it! So with St Patricks day coming up this weekend, why not celebrate it with some extra greens! Ingredients
    Pizza base 120g Broccoli 60g Ground Almonds 1 egg 1/2 tsp pink salt 1/2 tsp black pepper Sauce 2 tbsp ketchup 1 tbsp tomato puree ½ tsp paprika ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Clapham Personal Training: How to exercise at that time of the month

    Clapham Personal Training: How to exercise at that time of the month

    It’s not fun, your hormones are out of whack, you get stomach cramps and it is just a drag! So how do you keep up with your exercise and nutrition plans when you get your period? Thankfully there are ways to work around it if you are listening to your body correctly and get the timing right. Stages Of The Menstrual Cycle
    Days 1-5 Menstrual Phase This is when the period begins and you may start to experience cramps which are caused by the contraction of the uterus and the abdominal muscles to help move the menstrual fluids. Days 6-13 Follicular phase This stage does also begin on day 1 of your menstrual phase but it will last until around day 13, this is where the egg is ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Why you shouldn't skip meals to get in shape

    Why you shouldn't skip meals to get in shape

    With summer FINALLY starting to show itself out there it is a common theme to try and rush results with your body, extra fitness classes, cutting calories along with alcohol and sometime skipping meals altogether! But is that the best tactic? It is well known there is a little bit more to it than calories in Vs calories out but if you want the biggest results then keeping an eye on what you consume on a daily basis is the way forward. Now although we may all either sleep in and miss breakfast, work through lunch or get back too late to eat a dinner, missing the occasional meal wont harm you too much but if you are planning on skipping meals on a daily basis there are a multiple number of ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Bacon pancake slices

    Bacon pancake slices

    Bacon pancake strips! One of my all time favourites, I always used to be in the lemon juice and sugar squad, but these little treats are just an absolute dream and are everything! When making these have a little play around with the flour and milk content to make sure the batter is thick enough to stick to the bacon rasher, I ended up just scooping some more on top as it was cooking Let me know how you find them! Ingredients
    100ml almond milk 1 egg 50g flour 4 strips of streaky danish bacon Maple syrup to top! Instructions
    -Cook the streaky bacon until slightly crispy -Blend together the milk, flour and egg to get the pancake batter -Heat the pan and put some coconut oil in ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - What are split routines

    What are split routines

    This is only going to be a little quick post on another way to change your training up, we have already looked at supersets and dropsets. Today we are looking at splits, a great way to know what you are going to be doing on each day Split routines can be a fantastic way to really push your exercise routine forward and gain some big results on your fitness journey. They allow you to work either a pairing of muscles or a section of the body in each session so that you can really hone in and focus on working that muscle group. There are 3 main types of splits aside from the full body workout that get used and they are below Push + Pull
    - The name explains what the goal is here, if the ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Sweet potato brownies

    Sweet potato brownies

    Are you looking for a little treat to make for this valentines day? Our sweet potato brownies will hit that sweet spot while allowing you to enjoy the treat a little bit more knowing whats gone into each slice. They are everything you want from a brownie, chocolatey, soft, tasty and healthy! You can top these however you like we usually just stick some peanut butter on top but it's up to you, they are honestly tasty enough as they are! Ingredients Ingredients 450g sweet potatoes 120g ground almonds 2 scoops of chocolate whey protein 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground ginger Pinch of Himalayan salt 1 Tbsp maple syrup 1 egg 1 tsp coconut oil Instructions -Was the outside of the potatoes, wrap ....

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  • 5 ways to keep your motivation in the gym - Personal Training Clapham

    Well the end of January is here, you have survived the longest payday drought, made it through the darkest days of the year so far and have come 31 days closer to your summer holiday, but what about your fitness plan? Most new year resolutions are based on either starting a strength and fitness routine, losing some weight or just getting healthy, but by now usually 50% of people have given up on their resolution and don’t start to look at making a change again until the following January!! That to me is crazy that one in two people will have given up on their goals after just 31 days, a new habit is supposedly formed after 21 days but for you to actually see a noticeable difference ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Spicy Fajitas

    Spicy Fajitas

    Fajitas are one of my favourite recipes to fall back on, especially with homemade Guacamole and salsa too, but todays focus is 100% on the fajitas themselves. I love them because they are so easy to make, they taste fantastic and have a tonne of goodness in them. Ingredients
    300g Chicken (Cut breasts up or use the strips) 1 red onion, chopped 1 yellow pepper, chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 2 handfuls of spinach Tortilla wraps Fajita Mix
    1 tbsp chilli powder 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp black pepper ¼ tsp Himalayan pink salt ¼ tsp rock salt ¼ tsp cayenne pepper ¼ tsp garlic pepper Salsa, Guacamole & Jalapeños to serve Instructions
    Place ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    I hope you had a great time over the festive period, managed to spend some time with loved ones and found some time to relax a little. 2017 is finally here and a lot of people will be looking to continue making progress on their goals or will want to start on their fitness journey. The gyms in Clapham and Fulham I go to have already started to fill up with new members and you can see the green smoothies being drunk on morning commutes! New Year new you is probably something you have heard or seen and could be sick of by now! So todays post is to get you to look at forgetting to make a New Year’s resolution but to make a New Year commitment. The definition of resolution is this; ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - What NOT to do over the Christmas period

    What NOT to do over the Christmas period

    With under a week to go, there is still time to make strides towards your goals and you have to keep your focus as the Christmas tree lights brighten and the sight of stuffing and pigs in blankets become more prominent, ensuring you keep your focus could be pivotal, not only to your fitness goal but also to your mind set moving forward. If you just accept that you are going to shut off from now until January 2 nd , you will not only put on unwanted pounds of body fat but you allow your subconscious mind to think its ok to slack off and slip up. If you use this time of year to work on saying no, and to keeping yourself on track when there are so many treats and goodies lying around. Think ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - What to do over the Christmas period

    What to do over the Christmas period

    With under 2 weeks until Christmas and under 3 weeks until 2017, we thought we would put together a short, sharp and sweet little list of what you should be doing over the next few weeks to ensure you start 2017 in the best possible shape. Obviously it is your choice and you can decide to ignore everything we write and just go wild, but we feel by giving you a little freedom and some little tips to stop you from going too far, you can enjoy yourself over the next few weeks and keep the damage to a minimum! Christmas is a time for relaxing, reflecting and taking time out with your family, use the time wisely and think about where you are on your fitness journey, you may be starting out, ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Your best D-fence this winter and where to buy it in Clapham

    Your best D-fence this winter and where to buy it in Clapham

    Winter is well and truly upon us and the days are still seeming to get shorter with it not getting light til after 7am and it beginning to get dark around 4pm. This time of year usually see’s people gaining a lot of weight, slowing down on their training plan and just curl up on the sofa with some comfort food. But could there be something that you could do to change how you are feeling? What if there was a product that could give you more energy, could improve your muscular function and reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes? That thing is Vitamin D, now this is usually known as the sun vitamin as the rays from the sun help the body create it but what do you do in an English ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - The basics of fats

    The basics of fats

    Today we complete our macronutrient round up and the final of the 3 is fats, we hope that this blog will encourage you to include more fats into your daily diet as with press coverage over the last 10 years they have been demonised and created this fear that is you eat fat you will be fat. Now while part of that is true, you must be consuming some for optimal performance and to maximise your fat burning ability. Fats are built up of fatty acids and they can fall into 3 main groups which are saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Fats provide us with 9 calories per gram, compared to the 4 cals per gram from both protein and carbohydrates. Saturated fats are the ones that are ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - The basics of protein

    The basics of protein

    Continuing our nutritional basics todays post is looking at proteins, these are seen as the staple of any successful nutritional plan. Protein is the building block your body needs to build and recover from your training sessions and can be consumed in many ways. Each person has a different requirement based on your age, weight and training requirements so you should look to ensure that you achieve an optimal intake to allow your body to function at its peak levels. Proteins are broken down into amino acids and are used within the body, you may have heard of essential amino acids, as these are ones that the body cannot make itself and must be taken in via your nutrition. You can boost ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - The basics of carbohydrates

    The basics of carbohydrates

    This is the first part of our nutritional basics, the aim here is to help you and our personal training clients get a little bit of a better understanding as we often get tonnes of questions about diets and nutrition. The plan is to give you a basic guide to protein, carbs and fats followed by an in depth one, in case you want all the science-y bits! Carbohydrates have taken a real hit in recent years with many low carb diets popping up from all over the place, each one with a slight twist but the focus being on cutting out carbs. Now the main thing to remember that all of these new diets are fads, they always have been and always will be, people want the magic pill for results and yes ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Personal Training in Clapham: How long before your wedding should you start training?

    Personal Training in Clapham: How long before your wedding should you start training?

    This is a big question we usually get asked a little too late by most brides to be and it is an answer that will depend upon many variables, how much of a change do you want to make to your body, what exercise plan are you following already and how committed to changes are you. These are just some things that can play into your answer. We have worked with many brides over the years, some have come to us 3 months before their big day and some have started with us 18 months before, each situation is different but there are some key points you should think about before starting your training plan. 1) When is your wedding day – giving your coach 4 months or less to help you achieve ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Muscle soreness, what is it and how can you stop it?

    Muscle soreness, what is it and how can you stop it?

    Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness aka DOMS, or its more common name, pain! If you have been training a little while there is no doubt you have fallen victim to DOMS at some point in your programme. It is usually at its worst on following on from leg day and the struggle becomes real. Walking up and down stairs hurts, trying to move the muscles results in pain and the all time favourite activity post leg day, trying to sit on a toilet! Worst thing ever! DOMS is often mistaken for a good workout, people think if you don’t ache then you haven’t worked hard enough and this is not true. DOMS comes from a build up of lactic acid within the muscles that are being worked and also ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Exercising on your lunch break (Yes we are being serious!)

    Exercising on your lunch break (Yes we are being serious!)

    Work is chaotic, you haven’t had the best start to the morning and you have endless meetings in the afternoon, how do you spend your lunch? Some people will choose to head to the pub to try and get alcohol to ease the constant pain that is their boss/colleague/customer/other issue that can come up at work. But a fantastic way to break your day up is to actually exercise at lunch, of course we are going to push this but what better way to maximise your day and to get a training session in. If you find it too hard to wake up early to go before work and can’t stand how busy the gym is in the evening when you have a waiting list to get on the leg press, why not break up your day ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Why use Semi Private Training Groups

    Why use Semi Private Training Groups

    A couple of weeks ago we told you why it is beneficial to have a personal trainer and this time we are looking at one of our over top services we supply, semi-private training. SPT is going to become the next big thing in the UK, it is slowly creeping into the market and you will start to see more and more of it, so what is the difference between PT and SPT? Well you still get the main benefits as PT like the coaching, the support, accountability, results and variety within your sessions except you now have a group culture. See training with your friends creates that extra little push to get you to the sessions when you have a group of people all on the same mission, the results are ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to deal with stress

    How to deal with stress

    There were so many pictures I could have used for this subject, I am sure everyone can relate to the 2 I have used and knows what it is like to be stressed. Everyone has many stressors in their life whether it be from work, commuting, family, relationships or financial, these are some of the major ones but other things cause people to threat over in their mind the outcome of situations or to worry. Other ways the body can be stressed is through poor sleep management, not hydrating properly, poor nutrition, looking at computer/tv screens for too long or emotional issues. Everyone will react to each situation differently so some may deal better with a loss of a job than others, some ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Why use a personal trainer in Clapham

    Why use a personal trainer in Clapham

    Why would you use a personal trainer? Often a question I hear from my family members who don’t quite understand how brilliant we can be for you. Stereotyped as a Mr Olympia type body builder, screaming at you with a protein shake in one hand and a stopwatch in the other, personal training has come along way since then and can now be seen in a more varied market. Specialist PT’s work in many different areas, sports performance, rehab, pre and post-natal, fat loss and body composition to name but a few ways a trainer can work with a client. In this post we will give you some reasons why using a trainer can be a great asset to you in your pursuit of results and change within ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Find your why

    Find your why

    Are you looking to lose body fat and tone up? Do you want to push forward in a new career or maybe you are thinking about running a marathon (That doesn’t apply to many people!). People have goals, no matter what aspect of your life you will have a goal, a body shape, financial, career, family, lifestyle and many other areas that you will have an idea about. What usually happens is people get to a moment in their life and they will want a change, they will want to push towards where their goal is, as with most of our personal training clients they want to achieve a body transformation and lose body fat. So we set out steps how to achieve what they want and we sit down and ask, on a ....

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  • How to look and feel more confident with Personal Training Clapham

    This time we take a look at how you can boost your confidence, whether you want to work on how you feel about yourself or want ways to look more confident, fake it until you make it if you will. Confidence can be affected by many different factors, it may be the fact you have a certain outfit you feel shows off your figure best, maybe you have a certain hair style you prefer or it could be from someone making a comment about you. But what you need to understand is nobody is perfect and you need to stay positive while maintaining realistic views of yourself. Confidence can have a big impact on different aspects of your life, it can play a part in not only job interviews or dates but it ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - What Are Super Sets

    What Are Super Sets

    I think this picture perfectly shows how you will feel at the end! We are continuing our training tips and today we look at supersets, what they are, how to use them and a few examples of them in effect. Supersets are where you perform 2 exercises in a row without stopping, these can be working the same muscle groups, different muscle groups in the same workout or opposing muscles. So for the same muscle groups as an example you could do squats followed by lunges, different muscle groups in the same workout could be a lat pull down with bicep curls. Finally opposing muscles would be having a back workout while supersetting with triceps as one of the primary muscle that supports your ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Keep training in the winter months - Clapham Personal Training

    Keep training in the winter months - Clapham Personal Training

    Come on, I had to get that in there! Well the summer is looking like it is well and truly over here in the UK we have gone from over 30 degrees to tropical storms. The light seems to have disappeared and it is now dark in the morning so how the hell are you expected to keep training? Follow our top rules below for training in the colder months and you will be ready to rock on with your training routine come rain or shine! Once the weather starts to drop off it is all too often to stay curled up in bed then get up and get out in the cold, wet and miserable mornings, the winter is usually the downfall for most and it gives you an extra chance of an excuse, I once had a personal training ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to meal prep

    How to meal prep

    One of the keys to success is planning the day ahead, if you leave nothing to chance, then you cannot fail. If you walk out of your door without eating breakfast and without food with you then what are you going to eat?! Chances are a pastry with a morning coffee and a sandwich at lunch followed with lots of snacking in between. If you have your breakfast ready for you in the morning and you then bring in some light snacks and a lunch, you eliminate the chance of you going off track with your eating plans. If you follow the steps below it will make your life 10x easier, the degree of meal prep is down to you, whether you want to do days at a time or just the next day will depend on you. ....

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  • Are you asking the right questions?

    It has been a little while since we looked at how to improve your mind set so the next couple of posts will be based on that, just to break up the constant fitness and nutrition bits I have been putting out there. This post is going to be based on you taking a look at what questions you are asking and I don’t mean “ What’s for lunch” although that is a good question, I mean in the other big areas of your life. When it comes to your job, your relationship(s), your confidence, your reaction to an event. Many things happen daily that cause us to ask questions, and if we are asking the wrong questions then you are going to get the wrong answer, and when you get the ....

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  • Superfood Uncovered - Whey Protein

    Ok this isn’t really sold as a superfood but whey protein is a worthy addition to this list, often mistaken for something only bodybuilders use and a product that is going to turn you into the next Mr/Mrs Olympia, whey protein can help your health and fitness goals. Whey protein can be very rewarding when it comes to achieving your goals, but this is only once you manage to get the bloody scoop out of the bottom of the tub! This will soon become the worst moment of your day each time you buy a new protein tub! Whey protein is found in milk along with Casein which is a slow release protein, it is absorbed at a much faster rate than other proteins which is why it is often taken after ....

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  • Personal Training: What Are Drop Sets

    Depending upon where you are on your fitness journey you may know that there are different type of sets and training methods to help load up the muscle group you are training, these can be simple to imply or some are a little more complex. We are going to look at each one in detail to help you understand how to implement them into your training regime and get yourself some extra results. If you are quite new to lifting weights then I wouldn’t worry too much about these now as you will still be getting good results with your current training programme but if you have been lifting weights for over 6 months and would like a new stimulus and a little change to your routine then this ....

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  • The Bulletproof Coffee

    The ultimate way to start your day and the perfect pre workout, disgusting and horrible, you put what in your coffee?! Are you mad?? Some of the many things you will hear on this subject and I have probably said all 3 at different stages of my PT career, a bullet proof coffee allows you to MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) into your coffee. This should allow the body to not only get the caffeine stimulation but provide the body with an energy source to use throughout the workout or throughout the morning as the MCTs are easier for the body to break down and use. So what goes into your coffee? Please don’t ignore this post the second you read this, 2 ingredients should be ....

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  • Rep ranges

    How many reps do you do? 3 sets of 10? That is the usual number people do when they start out because that's all you need to do right? Lifting weights is probably the best thing you can do for yourself but should you be lifting that many times, is it heavy enough, should you be lifting more? We are going to be explaining a little bit today about the different type of rep ranges that you can hit, what they are used for and how heavy you should be lifting based on your current strength levels, please be aware that you will need to improve the weight the longer your training continues and if you really want to progress with your training then look at using each rep range for 1 month and ....

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  • Superfood Uncovered - Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is everywhere, it’s even in supermarkets now, you can use it for anything and everything from cooking and putting in your coffee to using as a deodorant. It has been seen as one of the greatest health products if you read all the posts that have come along with it. So we will explain a little about it and hopefully help you understand why coconut oil is being so highly spoke of in the health and fitness world. What is it? Coconut oil is a fat that is made up of medium chain triglycerides, MCT, which are a combination of fatty acids and triglycerides and a different from the majority of fats that we consume on a daily basis, most fats are long chain. MCT’s can ....

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  • Netflix and grow

    It can be so easy to start watching episode on netflix in the evening at like 9pm and then you look at your phone and it is 1am, shit, you just watched a whole series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Not ideal in helping you create a stronger mindset and lose weight. But Netflix has uploaded an incredible documentary into the insight of one of the very best in the world when it comes to creating a happy healthy life. Tony Robbins, you may or may not have heard of this guy before but he is one of the best, well probably is the best, in the business of self development and living an improved life. Netflix have managed to film one of his shows, a date with destiny and it allows you to look ....

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  • Portugal Trip, a holiday workout!

    Ola! I went over to the Algarve for a week and thought you may like a little insight as to how you can keep yourself on the right track while away. Granted I own the right kit to help make working out a little easier but I will give you a few insights as to how you can use a swimming pool, the floor and let you know on the easiest thing to put in your luggage to keep you on your gain game. Swimming pool
    So most people usually just paddle around and float in their pool while away to keep out of the heat but why not maximise having the pool to do some aqua aerobics?! Don’t worry you haven’t got to dance with a noodle or get a group together you can just focus on doing your ....

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  • Best Ways To Recover - Clapham Personal Training

    I am sure you have suffered from it, everyone has at some point, muscle soreness. That horrible feeling when you can’t get out of bed, it pains you to sit on the toilet and stairs are the absolute worst enemy in your existence. So what can you do to help reduce that pain so you can at least get around with your day to day duties and enjoy the fact you worked out. 1) Stretch straight after you finish
    This is quite possibly the easiest thing to do, that can have a very big impact on how you feel 2 days after your session. I have been guilty of this myself and immediately regretted it when I woke up unable to move, you get in the gym, do around an hour of training and then ....

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  • What I saw at the events at Olympia this weekend

    Over the course of the 8 th -10 th July, Olympia held 3 events, the Love Natural Love You, The allergy show and the vegan show. I went along mainly for the first two but had a little look around the vegan show too out of interest and there were some interesting companies and products along the way. These shows are usually a great place to find out about all the new up and coming companies that are about to burst onto the health scene, you normally have a group of companies selling the same thing in a different format, companies you have seen before and then a few random ones that catch your eye as they offer something different. Now the thing that got me, ....

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  • Superfood Uncovered - Bee Pollen

    I couldn’t leave this out for too long, bee pollen is an absolute favourite in our household and it should be for every home in the world! So what does Bee pollen do, what is it good for, is it actually healthy? Let’s find out! What is it?!
    Bee pollen is little clumps of pollen that have been collected throughout the day from honeybees, they collect the pollen and put it in a little pocket in their back legs and store it from flower to flower until they return back to the hive. They then store it within and use it as food for the younger bees within the colony. Bee pollen is one of nature’s most complete food sources, it has an incredible balance of everything ....

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  • TUT vs Load, lighter weight vs heavy lifting

    Had to start with a fun little meme, and this one is brilliant! This post isn't all about lifting heavy don't worry, enjoy the rest of the blog. Now back to the post, this is a good place to start if you are new to fitness, and it is a great place to be at if you are already training regularly! Unfortunately we get told that we need to do HIIT, lift heavy and live off no carbs/fat/protein and a lot of the superstars in the fitness world live by one or more of these rules. I am going to take a guess here that you are not a fitness model, you are someone who wants to improve their figure, feel a little better about themselves, improve their energy and strength or just take care of ....

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  • Are you getting enough calories?! Part 2

    So coming back to the calories, our previous post explained how to get your REE, Resting Energy Expenditure, today is going deeper! This is a basic guideline and this should work for you, obviously it is trial and error until you find the best solution for you but this is a great place to start. Your macronutrient (Macro) intake should be based on your weight, not following a percentage like 40/30/30. Please be careful as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and flexible dieting, a great new buzz word, may slow down your results. You can afford cheat days if you have next to no body fat and are training 1-2 hours per day, but if you are a regular training 3 times a weeker looking to lose ....

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  • High protein breakfasts

    Increasing your protein content can be a long strenuous task and most people just resort to eating more meats where they can, but below we are giving you some of our favourite protein recipes from our top companies to follow for meal inspiration. Ensuring you hit your correct protein intake is vital when looking at changing your body composition, a higher protein content makes sure the muscles can recover quicker after your training sessions, they provide essential amino acids that the body cannot create and keep you feeling fuller for longer! Our personal training clients receive advice on how to improve their daily food intake and these recipes below should be a good place to begin with ....

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  • Superfood Uncovered - Maca Powder

    Maca is taking the health and fitness world by storm, the powder is used in soups, smoothies and snacks to help give the recipe a little boost. Maca is actually part of the broccoli family and is originally grown in Peru. It had predominantly been used as an aphrodisiac and but new research is looking into how it can help with your daily health, although most of the current studies have come from Peru, new studies are constantly taking place. Maca by itself doesn't look too appealing does it? Just look at that picture above, it kind of looks like a parsnip and they can come in many different colours but that Maca powder you will buy over here in London or the Uk can hold the same ....

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  • Goal setting and taking action with Personal Training in Clapham

    I know it is rather cheesy but it couldn't be closer to the truth! Whether it is getting yourself fit and losing weight, finding a new job or maybe building your own business, it could be trying to learn a new subject, goal setting and then taking action play a huge part in achieving success. Our aim with our personal training clients is to get them on a clear path to what they want to achieve because if you do not plan then life will get in the way and throw up many obstacles. At the other end of the spectrum is you constantly plan and you never get round to doing anything, you just procrastinate. So how do you succeed? Use these 5 steps to get yourself on the track to victory; ....

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  • Are you getting enough calories?!

    Is that new diet worth trying, should you use a juice detox, surely if you don’t eat you will lose body fat?! These are just a few things that can come into thought when looking at losing body fat and improving your figure but all too often most people are actually undereating! Now if you are NOT eating 3 nutritious meals a day with added healthy snacks, and drinking the right level of water for your daily intake then you should look at addressing that before going in too deep to this article as getting the basics right will need to be your main focus, not so much calorie counting. But if you feel like you are eating 3-5 healthy clean meals a day and are still struggling to ....

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  • Superfood Uncovered - Turmeric

    There has been a lot of coverage over turmeric recently and it has made it into the superfood bracket due to all its health benefits but what exactly is it good for? Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin which you may also have heard of which has had multiple medical research pieces written on it. It has been shown to promote health and combat a wide variety of illnesses along with being a very potent anti-inflammatory and holds anti-cancer properties. Now with inflammatory illnesses on the rise it is vital to look at integrating as many foods with anti-inflammatory purposes into your diet. High inflammation levels can lead to obesity, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, ....

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  • Clapham Personal Training: Dealing with the fear of rejection and failure

    This is a subject that has helped me grow as a person, as a friend and as a business owner, and whether you are reading this for your health and fitness, you are looking to build a strong mentality or you have just stumbled across this. Finding a way to deal with rejection and failure is massive. We all fail, the greatest men and women in history have failed at something, but they used it as a way to grow and move forward as a better person, all too often people use them as a reason to play a victim or worse, the fear of failure and rejection stops people from even taking action! People who know me from an early age will tell you I was a very shy child, and growing up and developing ....

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  • How to improve your energy levels with Clapham Personal Training

    You might have seen them on public transport, they may have walked into you and looked completely out of it or you could be the person that gets home, sits on the sofa and can’t move again. Energy levels are dropping and they are dropping at an alarming rate. People are walking around like zombies, struggling to keep their eyes open, having a daily battle with getting out of bed and once you are in that cycle, it is so hard to get out of it. Now many things are linked to reduced energy levels but how do you manage and improve where you are at? We are going to give you some simple tips to follow to ensure that you can keep yourself awake, energised and alert! 1) Eat

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - Clapham Personal Training:  How to lower your carbohydrate intake while enjoying your food

    Clapham Personal Training: How to lower your carbohydrate intake while enjoying your food

    Today we are going to provide you with 3 ways to reduce your carbohydrate intake without compromising some of your favourite meals. To ensure you don't end up looking like that baby, you can keep the total intake of simple carbohydrates down by using a vegetable replacement to take the place of your favourite carbs! Because wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat pasta, rice or pizza without the guilt? Well now you can! Obviously we are not saying to go crazy and just live off these, but when it gets to the point that you feel like being naughty, these will ensure you stay closer to your goals rather than undoing all the hard work you have put in throughout the week. Courgetti / ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to improve your hydration and drink more

    How to improve your hydration and drink more

    Ensuring you have had enough water is imperative to you losing unwanted body fat, being able to train hard and keeping yourself looking young and healthy. Over 50% of the body is made up of water so ensuring you are hydrated and consuming enough water will make a huge difference to how you are feeling and functioning. Below are 4 simple ways to improve your hydration and while ensuring you drink more water. 1) Buy yourself a fancy bottle – If you invest in a bottle that you can keep and use on a regular basis you will be more likely to continually use it. With normal water bottles once finished people often put them in for recycling and don’t continue drinking past that one ....

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  • Personal Training in Clapham - Eat Move Live Better - How to enjoy your fitness programme with Personal Training in Clapham

    How to enjoy your fitness programme with Personal Training in Clapham

    You know the drill, the new year or summer is coming up, and you think, “this is it, I’m going to make this happen! No more excuses, I WILL get fit.” And 2-3 weeks into your programme you have been hitting the gym or running 2 or 3 times a week and you’re feeling good, another 2 weeks go by and your feelings change, you’re now bored, bored of the same routine, bored of the X-trainer, bored of doing the same lap of the park, bored of crunches and you’re not really seeing results any more. So how can you stop that to make sure that you maintain to a fitness programme that you can follow all year round? See it doesn’t matter when you start whether it is the new year, 5 months before a ....

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  • Keeping active over Christmas!

    Ok this is a light post and that picture probably seems a bit too hard for this subject! Whether you are a personal training client, a bootcamp attendee or just someone looking for a few tips for their training, this post will hopefully let you relax a bit with the influx of mince pies and twiglets. This is always a tough subject for so many people, with so many people giving themselves 2 weeks off from doing any form of activity and then instantly regret it in January when they realise the full extent of the damage they have done. As if taking 2 weeks off training wasn't enough, there is the extra calorie intake, being seated poorly, increased alcohol intake, reduction in sleep as some ....

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  • Recipe of the week - 7/12/15

    So the countdown is well and truly underway for Christmas but that doesn't mean there is no reason to be cheerful as the wonderful team over at Eat and Think have brought to you their recipe of the week and this week is certain to warm you up in these cold winter nights! Enjoy Each week we share one of our delicious recipes andthis week it’s our delicious Prawn Pho, a perfect winter warmer. Pho is traditionally a Vietnamese broth served with lots of vegetables and some noodles. This particular recipe is rich in immune supporting nutrients to help fight off winter colds. It’s also rich in veggies and will contribute generously towards your daily vegetable intake. Thanks everyone ....

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  • Are you ready for change? Try Personal Training in Clapham

    Most people come to personal trainers as they want to change something about themselves, they don't like what they see in the mirror, they don't have enough energy, they struggle to get rid of that last bit of body fat or they just need someone to guide them through their weight loss journey. Everyone is always trying to make a change in their life whether it is work, family or lifestyle related, people want change. It keeps them focused on the future, it allows them to set goals and feel like they are achieving something. But what if you were focusing on the wrong goal? What if you should be changing another area of your life before you take on trying to find the most effective body ....

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  • Recipe of the week - 30/11/15

    The nights are getting darker, the days getting colder and Eat and Think have thrown together a great meal to brighten it all up! With Christmas fast approaching you need to keep an eye on your nutrition to ensure you can recover from your personal training sessions, you can keep on top of your goals for your wedding day and make sure that you are finding foods still interesting and tasty.Sowhat better way to than by trying this meal! Enjoy! This week we have given you the recipe for Sweet and Sour Cod. Attention all fish haters… you may be pleasantly surprised by this dish. If you are trying to introduce fish to your diet then this recipe is a great place to start. I was given this ....

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  • Recipe of the week - 23/11/15

    Another week gone by and another awesome winter treat from the girls over at Eat and Think (if you haven't checked them out, please do!). Here is this week's brilliant recipe. This week we’ve shared a delicious salad recipe with you.It’s a powerhouse of colour, meaning it is bursting with phytonutrients associated with each colour of the fruit and vegetable rainbow. Pomegranate is rich in anthocyanins are antioxidants that are particularly heart healthy and may help lower blood pressure and reduce cancer risk. Green vegetables are also an excellent source of vitamin K, folic acid and potassium. Avocado and pecans are rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant to name a few. ....

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  • Recipe of the week - 16/11/15

    So back again with a new recipe for our brides to be and any of our other personal training clients looking to freshen up their meals, the girls have returned with a true winter special, enjoy! This week we have chosen the seasonal Chicken, Leek and Brussel Sprout Salad. Now I know sprouts are a little bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them but trust me this salad will convert anyone who hates a mini cabbage. The rich flavours of the herbs, hazelnuts and parmesan make for a really special dish. It’s a new favourite for me and it got the seal of approval from residents of my hungry house. Let us know what you think… I’d to hear from you! INGREDIENTS: SERVES 2 2 Chicken ....

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  • Recipe Of The Week - 9/11/15

    This week we have chosen this delicious Peach & Blackberry Breakfast Crumble. This is great if, like me, you're getting a little bored of your usual breakfast and want something other than porridge to warm you up in the winter mornings. Nothing beats fresh fruit, oats and raw nuts to provide sustained energy release whilst being indulgently delicious. Why not give this recipe a try this week and let us know what you think? INGREDIENTS: For the filling: • 3 peaches • 2 handfuls of blackberries • 1 tsp ground cinnamon • 1 tsp all-spice • 2 tbsp lemon juice •For the crumble: • 250g oats • 200g mixed nuts e.g. hazelnuts, pecans and almonds • 1 tbsp wholewheat flour • 3 tbsp ....

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  • Business Plan Your Body - Try Personal Training in Clapham

    So with Halloween now out the way, it just leaves christmas before 2015 is out the way, and if you are like the majority of people you will start with a "new year, new you" mentality, but was this what you said this time last year? How many of you said that 2015 would be the year, this time there would be no excuses. But life has got in the way, things have popped up that you didn't plan for, and ultimately you haven't achieved your goals. For people to run a successful business you need a good plan with an end goal in mind, you need to strategically plan every step to guide you to your end goal and you need to make sure you are profitable with money coming in. For people who achieve ....

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  • Recipe Of The Week - 02/11/15

    They are at it again over at Eat and Think ! This week's recipe is a brilliantly simple dish, that is packed full of flavour! Get cooking and start enjoying! Quinoa Melting Pot This week we’ve shared a delicious seasonal salad recipe with you.It really is more assembling a meal rather than following a cooking but it’s incredibly delicious. If you’d like it fresh on the day you can cook the squash a day or two ahead but to be honest it tastes great the next day. If you are feeling adventurous why not try different combinations of grains, nuts or vegetables that you add. This is a simple yet tasty recipe to prepare and looks really pretty when served. INGREDIENTS 70g Quinoa 50g ....

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  • Recipe of the week! 26/10/15

    So here is a bit of a new feature for all our brides to be and personal training clients. We have teamed up with the lovely girls over at Eat and Think,, on our Own The Aisle planand they will be supplying a recipe each week that will help to give you some inspiration for some new meals! Each meal is highly nutritious and incredibly tasty so read the post below and get cooking! This week we’ve shared the breakfast recipe for baked avocado. This is a really easy and nutritious recipe to prepare and looks really pretty when served.
    An egg based breakfast such as poached
    eggs or frittata is a great way to start the day. Eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and ....

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  • Why Can't I Lose Weight? Try Personal Training in Clapham

    Often a question that you will most likely ask yourself while looking at the mirror of your bathroom, especially if you are a bride looking to shape up for your wedding!People wake up every morning and ask themselves the most pressing questions in the morning. Little do you know that every morning you ask yourself this you are reaffirming to you brain that you actually can't lose weight! As if it wasn't hard enough?? Now my personal story I went from around 18 stone to 11st 6lbs, at my lightest. I know how horrid it is when every morning you wake up sick and tired of being stuck with your weight not shifting but asking yourself this question every day, grabbing the bits of fat you want ....

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  • And so the show has arrived!!

    Brides the show is finally here!! The doors open at 5pm and hopefully you are on your way there today as it is going to be fantastic! I was at the centre last night and everyone was putting in so much effort to make it look incredible and they are/have succeeded! If you are on your way then come see us at stand M170, we have 2 competitions to win 10 sets of bridal personal training sessions, and discount off our own the aisle plan that is getting launched in November! Lots of reason to show your face, so come say hi and enjoy the show!! #BTSseeyouthere Ben ....

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  • Training The Staff From The Show

    So with the Brides Wedding Show coming up in a few weeks time I thought it was about time I post about our little secret mission we have been on. We have been training 2 of the team from Brides The Show so they could see what we do with our brides, and we put them through their paces with our personal training sessions. Here is a quick little intro as to how Rosie and Miranda have found the sessions! A little
    about you and what you do at the show?
    I’m Miranda, 28 years old, Event Manager at SME London. Former Exhibitor Liaison at Brides the Show but this year i’ll be attending with my bride-to-be hat on, with my 9 bridesmaids and mum in tow! My name is Rosie, 24 years old..Iwork on the ....

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  • We're Back! What have we been up to?!

    Helloooooo, Well if you are in the UK you will know that we have not been soaking up the sun and topping up our tans, as it has been tipping it down with rain! A standard English summer!! So we have been busy working away at building the company and being able to offer you more to help you with your health and fitness goals and below is a little bit about what is going to be happening in the next few months, along with a competition for all you brides to be out there! - First and foremost, The Brides National Wedding Show . This is taking place in around 4 weeks, it starts on the 2nd October and we are there with our stand looking to help as many brides as possible get in fantastic ....

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  • IS YOUR MORNING COFFEE MAKING YOU TIRED? - Personal Training in Clapham

    Sounds odd right? You have your coffee to wake you up, not make you tired?! Well that is what you would like to think any way. All a girl needs – Coffee and Chanel See everyone knows that coffee contains caffeine, which when taken gives your body a boost by activating the release of Adrenaline, the hormone that gets you pumped and energised,while lowering the hormone Adenosine ( This hormone is responsible for making you feel tired throughout the day so you sleep at night).So if you have more Adrenaline and less Adenosine, this then leads to more energy for longer. The effects of a coffee can kick in as quickly as 15 minutes after drinking it and they can be traced within the body ....

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  • Clapham Personal Training: HPS - Himalayan Pink Salt, Gone In 60 Seconds?

    This was all the craze, the new super health food that was going to take the world by storm, but then it was forgotten, coconut oil came on the scene and like the new cool kid at school, everyone else was forgotten. There has been so much hype surrounding coconut oil that I think this great food didn’t get 5 minutes of fame, maybe just one? With tonnes of health benefits and it being able to flavour food like normal salt can’t, isn’t it time you turned pink? As it can be used in multiple ways it is a useful product to try to introduce to your daily lifestyle. It can be taken in by being eaten, drunk, bathed in or to light up your bedroom as a lamp (I am being ....

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  • Who do you trust? Who has your back?

    Brides want to look incredible on their wedding day, most people want to get in better shape and I often get asked in personal training sessions what the best diet is and if I have seen the new diet on the block.We have all seen the reports, the new scientific breakthrough THAT EVERYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT, a new superfood, a new food that will kill you orthe report that states if you look at a broccoli for 7.63 seconds, you will lose a leg. Maybe I likebroccoli?! Now obviously that last one is false, but you know the ones that I am on about they take over the internet for weeks and everyone tries it. But can you trust the research? Some of you will know, some of you won't but quite ....

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    So after taking some time off to recover from Tough Mudder ( Brilliant but brutal, not sure if the weather made it more fun or just a hell of a lot harder.) it is time to get back to work and to get the lifestyle back in check. Below are 4 of the simple tips I use on a daily basis to help keep my body functioning as well as it can. We try to advise all of our bridal personal training clients to follow these steps where possible as some a very simple to start and stick to and can lead to big results in your training goals. Go on, try and say it without wanting to sound like Borat! Lemon Water
    – This is a fantastic way to start the day and the easiest one to set up as it can be ....

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