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Goal setting and taking action with Personal Training in Clapham

I know it is rather cheesy but it couldn't be closer to the truth! Whether it is getting yourself fit and losing weight, finding a new job or maybe building your own business, it could be trying to learn a new subject, goal setting and then taking action play a huge part in achieving success.

 Our aim with our personal training clients is to get them on a clear path to what they want to achieve because if you do not plan then life will get in the way and throw up many obstacles. At the other end of the spectrum is you constantly plan and you never get round to doing anything, you just procrastinate.

So how do you succeed? Use these 5 steps to get yourself on the track to victory;

1) Dream big!

Too often people refuse to set big optimistic targets because they fear ridicule, the thought of someone laughing and saying” you’re never going to achieve that in your lifetime” petrifies people so much that they refuse to try and achieve something that could change their life. Get a notepad or a journal and just let loose. Write down everything you could ever want to achieve and use that as your guideline to success.

Review these regularly as you will often change the route you want to go down but it gives you something to get excited about and something to start working towards, if I told you to do 100 burpees and you would get £1 you are not going to do it as the rewards are not exciting enough to motivate action but if I offered you £10,000 for those 100 burpees I reckon you would be finished in 20 minutes! Get yourself excited, get yourself a vision and get moving, small actions are better than no action!

2) Write your goals down

I kind of mentioned it in dream big but writing your goals down and what you want to achieve has a massive effect on whether or not you succeed. Studies have shown that people who write down goals and review them regularly are 95% more likely to achieve them than people who don’t.

It is a simple task but it helps you commit to what you are doing, it holds you accountable and it allows you to review where you wanted to go. Just because it is now written down doesn’t mean your goals won’t change but it gives you something to work towards.

Often you hear about SMART goals and we will go into this in more depth in another post but make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time frame. Obviously dream big may be conflicting to realistic but use the other principles of SMART.

3) Why

We have looked at why a little in previous blogs and I am sure we will go into it again, like I said in dream big, if I offered you £1 or £10,000 for 100 burpees which one do you think will get you moving quicker? Because the why is bigger and more meaningful, you can make a big change in your life with £10,000, it could mean less debt, a holiday, a new car, whereas you could only buy a bag of oranges with the £1.

You must look deep into what you truly want to achieve and understand why you want to make it happen, how will it affect your life, what will happen if you do not hit your target, what it will feel like to be where you goal is.

For most of our personal training clients it is just a case of wanting to feel more confident, look better or to have more energy, but that might not be enough to motivate you, so take time out to really figure out what matters to you.

4) Break it down

The trouble with dreaming big and looking at where you are now and where you want to get to is people have no idea where to start, so they never do.

Start big with what you need to achieve and put a time line on it and then break down where you need to hit on each mile stone, look at using 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month and then break it down into weekly and daily if you need that to help you get moving.

I have 2 white boards sat in front of me when I am not training clients that have my top 5 goals for the next year, my 3 big goals that I want to hit in the next 3 months, my target for that month and my target for each day of the week ahead, it helps me focus and it shows me where to start. These boards change all the time, but it gives me something to get started with, and that quite often is the hardest part.

5) Get started

Our minds are wonderful things but all too often they can be our worst enemy, now if you haven’t read our post on fear and dealing with rejection, please do, as this will help with getting going it is useful to have something to fall back on because you will fail, you will mess up from time to time but its whether you get straight back into it or run it through your mind for hours, days and weeks.

You just need to get going, and keep going even when things get tough, as they will especially if weight loss is your goal, things will get real tough and something pretty dark with how your mind works, but you can get through it if you accept failure, you get started every single day and you keep your why in the front of your mind so you can continue to make small steps and build towards that big goal.

Just pick one thing to get started on and just get going, once you get into a rhythm for the day, things will start to happen, if you sit on your backside all day, nothing will get done. You are better to take on 3 tasks and complete one than take nothing on and complete zilch.

If you need any help creating your goals and vision please reach out to us we would love to help out if we can because we understand how hard the mind set side of this can be.

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