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  • Genna, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    I started training around 6 months before my wedding to help tone up, after achieving my results and more I have continued training each week as I just love it so much. Each session is challenging but so rewarding at the same time!

  • Clemmie, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    I look forward to my sessions with Ben which is something I never thought I would say! The classes are always varied and very motivational. I am feeling fitter and better than I've ever have.

  • Pia, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    Ben is actually one of my oldest friends and when it came to working with him I didn't know if it would work, I can be quite hard to motivate. Having said that Ben is the best PT I have ever had and we achieved more than I thought we would while training together for Tough Mudder. It was so much fun and I smashed the Tough Mudder run, If you don't train with him you are missing out!!

  • Miranda, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    An awesome guy to spend a few hours a week with, Ben is hugely motivational and encouraging whilst also being patient and flexible. His combined cardio, weight and HIIT training sessions have made me stronger and more toned than ever before and I find myself energised and walking round high on endorphins even when I should be shattered!

  • Rosie, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    Love my sessions with Ben. It's great to get outside and work out in a way I couldn't and wouldn't know how to if I was in a gym. He pushes you but not too hard and works with you to get the best results. Plus he's a laugh so it makes it easier! ;)

  • Nothing makes me happier than our lunch time sessions with Ben. After a long morning, the hour of squats and many different exercises makes me feel great for the afternoon. Love our workouts with Ben!

  • Katherine, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    I have been training with ben for over 6 months now, I first started PT to slim down and tone up for my wedding day and have carried on ever since and now I am training through my first pregnancy! Ben is the best way to ensure I get a good and varied training session (its much harder than what I do in the gym). I would definitely recommend Ben as a training, he pushes you hard, but is also very friendly and chatty, which distracts you from the pain.

  • Carolyn, Eat Move Live Better Testimonials

    I started training with Ben about 4 months before my wedding after accepting the face that I was never going to use my gym membership to get in shape. Ben has been great he is motivational, easy to talk to and encouraging. Not only have I seen better results than I expected in only 4 months leading up to my wedding I have had such fun doing it.



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