Clapham Personal Training: HPS - Himalayan Pink Salt, Gone In 60 Seconds?

Posted by Ben Simpkins on June 13, 2015

This was all the craze, the new super health food that was going to take the world by storm, but then it was forgotten, coconut oil came on the scene and like the new cool kid at school, everyone else was forgotten.

There has been so much hype surrounding coconut oil that I think this great food didn’t get 5 minutes of fame, maybe just one? With tonnes of health benefits and it being able to flavour food like normal salt can’t, isn’t it time you turned pink?

As it can be used in multiple ways it is a useful product to try to introduce to your daily lifestyle. It can be taken in by being eaten, drunk, bathed in or to light up your bedroom as a lamp (I am being serious!), so I am going to recap on why its brilliant and how it can help you brides look fantastic on your wedding day!

1 – Mineral consumption Vitamins and minerals make the world go round, they help the body function, they help cells replenish and grow and they help keep you looking young and beautiful. So wouldn’t it be great if you could find something that had all 84 elements in one place? You’ve guessed it HPS has all the major minerals your body needs, so by switching the salt in your grinder is one simple way to improve the way your body works which could lead to healthier cells and better-looking skin.

2 – Helps hydrate If you know me and my training, you know I go on, and on, and on, and on about hydration. With most people not consuming the correct levels of water daily, why not boost the water you do take in? Your body will absorb water at a better rate with electrolytes present, so by stirring in a little HPS to your drink it will ensure you body uses the water correctly, meaning better hydration! Hurray!! Party!!

Let’s pretend the balloons are filled with water…

3 – Improved Digestion The nutrients found in HPS can improve your gastrointestinal tracks ability to absorb other nutrients when you eat which means that the body will have a higher level of nutrients available for the cells to use. If the body is taking in more nutrients then this will lead to less eating as the body wont crave the extra nutrients which is fantastic if you are looking at toning up for your wedding day!

4 – Clearer skin Mineral soaks are a fantastic way to clear out all the junk in your skin and cells as the minerals when dissolved draw the toxins out of the system and then allows the body to absorb the minerals that are needed to help replenish the skin and relax the body. They are still very popular in eastern Europe and can become a great way for you to spend your sunday night!

Salt baths will leave you happier than this Pig!

Thermal Salt Baths Budapest

5 – Light it up You may or may not have seen these but HPS lamps (click the link for list of benefits) are quite popular! By pulling in the humidity within the air that holds toxins, the lamp the heads up the water to allow it to go back into the atmosphere while leaving the toxins in the salt ions! A simple but fantastic way to start improving your health. You can buy them here. Just keep it away from Brick …

I hope these little tips on how to use HPS make it a little easier for you to incorporate to your daily routine as it is a truly fantastic food that will make a vast improvement to not only your health and wellness but also to your beauty regime! The more relaxed and replenished your body is the better the quality of your skin will be!

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