Who do you trust? Who has your back?

Posted by Ben Simpkins on June 2, 2015

Brides want to look incredible on their wedding day, most people want to get in better shape and I often get asked in personal training sessions what the best diet is and if I have seen the new diet on the block. We have all seen the reports, the new scientific breakthrough THAT EVERYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT, a new superfood, a new food that will kill you or the report that states if you look at a broccoli for 7.63 seconds, you will lose a leg.


Maybe I like broccoli?!

Now obviously that last one is false, but you know the ones that I am on about they take over the internet for weeks and everyone tries it. But can you trust the research?

Some of you will know, some of you won’t but quite often big powerful companies will pay or word research to suit their cause, they will hold the research themselves and test 1 thing but ignore 9 other important factors. So how can you find a company that will test products for your benefit, not the company’s benefit?

Thankfully for you, there is one, and they are called Examine. We read a tonne of their findings and you should too! If you are looking at the latest supplements or trying to figure out what is a fad and what actually will help your health, these are the guys you should follow.

I don’t get anything for recommending them but I get to know some of you brides to be will make better choices either in your everyday life or in your personal training sessions. I use their supplement stacks which I have purchased but the ERD is also worth using if you can afford the monthly cost.

If you want the truth, if you want to know what will help you get closer to your health and fitness goals, then following their research is one of the best choices you will make.

Hope this helps some of you out!

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