Posted by Ben Simpkins on August 28, 2015

Sounds odd right? You have your coffee to wake you up, not make you tired?! Well that is what you would like to think any way.


All a girl needs – Coffee and Chanel

See everyone knows that coffee contains caffeine, which when taken gives your body a boost by activating the release of Adrenaline, the hormone that gets you pumped and energised, while lowering the hormone Adenosine ( This hormone is responsible for making you feel tired throughout the day so you sleep at night). So if you have more Adrenaline and less Adenosine, this then leads to more energy for longer.

The effects of a coffee can kick in as quickly as 15 minutes after drinking it and they can be traced within the body for up to 6 hours, perfect if you are living a healthy active lifestyle, caffeine can be used as an effective pre workout, some studies have shown that having a coffee before a workout can improve fat burning in your session. But if you are not following a healthy and active lifestyle, then it can make things a whole lot worse.

Does this sound familiar?
-Alarm wakes you up, you hit snooze 4 times.
-You spend all day fighting not to fall asleep at your desk
-You can’t concentrate on your computer screen or on other tasks at work
-You want to workout but haven’t got the energy to

Sad but true for so many people!

At any of these times would you think about getting a coffee? What about when meeting friends? How many cups a day are you consuming?! Often I go past the big brands here in London and they are still packed at 7, 8 or 9pm, PEOPLE ARE STILL DRINKING COFFEE AT 9PM!! Why?! Because your tired? GO TO BED! You need to snap out of this and take control over your lifestyle as without control over it then a whole host of health problems can arise, and one of the most notable one? Increased fat gain.

Hear me out. Most people are dehydrated as it is, now drinking caffeine causes you to go to the toilet more, flushing out any liquids within the system. If you have been running on coffee for a while your bodies energy systems and hormones are going to be all over the place, leading to increased cortisol, which leads to increased body fat. And when you are tired and you need energy but you don’t go for coffee, what usually comes to the rescue? SUGAR.

Now obviously this is all looking at the bigger picture and you might be thinking hey that’s not me, I like my coffee and I am fine without it, go 3 days without one, see what happens. Caffeine withdrawal kicks in after around 24 hours and symptoms can include headaches, drowsiness and loss of concentration.

Take some time to do what gives your body natural energy and try to get away from using coffee as your backup every time, otherwise sooner or later it will catch up with you sooner or later.

Take a break from your daily routine to actually wake up to what you are doing to yourself

Ways to boost your energy
HYDRATE – Simple but it is not done enough, especially with people who workout and drink coffee.
Eat fruit and vegetables – Provide your body with what it needs to be firing on all cylinders, avoid the artificial boosts
Juice – Adds on to the fruit and vegetables part but a great way to get a big hit of what your body needs, try to go green where possible
Sleep – All too often we are running ourselves into the ground and not recovering enough. Do you really need to stay up and watch the repeat of keeping up with the Kardashians?
Exercise – Get your muscles used to having to work harder, then stronger they are, the more energy they can produce throughout the day increasing your general energy levels.

There will be more posts on coffee as this is becoming such a huge part of society, you need to be careful not to get caught up in it.

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