Training The Staff From The Show

Posted by Ben Simpkins on September 7, 2015

So with the Brides Wedding Show coming up in a few weeks time I thought it was about time I post about our little secret mission we have been on. We have been training 2 of the team from Brides The Show so they could see what we do with our brides, and we put them through their paces with our personal training sessions. Here is a quick little intro as to how Rosie and Miranda have found the sessions!

A little about you and what you do at the show?

I’m Miranda, 28 years old, Event Manager at SME London. Former Exhibitor Liaison at Brides the Show but this year I’ll be attending with my bride-to-be hat on, with my 9 bridesmaids and mum in tow!

My name is Rosie, 24 years old.. I work on the Operations team across SME and on Brides the Show.

How has the training gone so far

M – Loving the pain… and oh there is pain! But three weeks in and feeling stronger, firmer and looking forward to having abs of steel in time for Brides The Show! I’m getting married next summer so although I’m working towards result this October I’m also looking forward to some fun group bridesmaids sessions in the lead up to the wedding!

R – It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this, having given up the gym because of time constraints last year…I have just been running for over a year. The training has been painful at times but really rewarding and good to feel that you are using your body in different ways.

What have you enjoyed the most

M – If I’m having a rubbish day training with Ben turns the day around. He’s incredibly patient and sweet-natured but firm and has us working up one hell of a sweat! Loving my increased endorphin release mode I find myself in post-training.&nbsnbsp;

R – Working with Ben, as he has been so encouraging without pushing too hard. Makes you want to succeed. Finding out the results after 2 weeks is pretty satisfying too!

What haven’t you liked

M – Sitting in the office sweaty after a session!

R – Finding out the parts of me that are so unfit & the burn the next day.. However, No Pain No Gain!

What do you think of the results after 2 weeks

M – Its great to be able to track your progress – something I really can’t do alone – I’ve already lost centimetres of body fat. Hoping to be stripped of it all and ripped in no time!

R – Impressed that the measurements have gone down. Plus I’m feeling fitter and motivated

What is your goal for the next 2 weeks?

M – Try and have a little more control over my diet (I LOVE FOOD). Going on holiday to Turkey at the end of the summer so just hoping to keep on keeping on (with Ben’s help) and improve my beach body even more in the next two weeks!

R – Keep toning up and getting stronger, most importantly keep the results coming!!

Just so you know what has gone on, in the first 2 weeks they had lost a combined total of 17cms. We have since gone on and achieved 29.5cms over the next few weeks and with 4 weeks left until the show you will get updates as to how the full programme has gone with the girls. There will also be a new interview to show you how they found the whole process!

And remember you can enter yourself to try and win tickets to the show by CLICKING HERE, good luck! We will be there offering brides to be the chance to get some personal training sessions with our staff, so come visit us at M170!

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