Why Can't I Lose Weight? Try Personal Training in Clapham

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 21, 2015

Often a question that you will most likely ask yourself while looking at the mirror of your bathroom, especially if you are a bride looking to shape up for your wedding! People wake up every morning and ask themselves the most pressing questions in the morning. Little do you know that every morning you ask yourself this you are reaffirming to your brain that you actually can’t lose weight!

As if it wasn’t hard enough??

Now my personal story I went from around 18 stone to 11st 6lbs, at my lightest. I know how horrid it is when every morning you wake up sick and tired of being stuck with your weight not shifting but asking yourself this question every day, grabbing the bits of fat you want gone, getting stressed out about it is the worst thing you can do.

Now if you are doing these things they need to stop, right now, HONESTLY STOP NOW! You need to step back from all the craziness of your standard day, get away from all the horrid magazine articles telling you that you can lose 7lbs in 7 days, stop looking at all these fitness models and focus on you.

Look at where you are right now, this very second.
Stop thinking about what other people think about you.
STOP comparing yourself to everyone else.
Look at what you have achieved so far.

See the chances are you have made great progress but you get too caught up in trying to achieve the “perfect body” which is portrayed by the media. You know as well as the next person that those photos are photoshopped, and most fitness models work ridiculously hard so they are ready for a shoot for 1-2 days max and then look completely different after as their diet and training patterns are not manageable on a daily basis.

If you focus on 3 simple steps, you stress levels will go down, your health will improve, as will your mood and most likely so will your results!

1 – It’s ok to slip up.

No one is perfect, absolutely no one. Everyone has a time where they slip up and eat/drink something that isn’t the healthiest, but it is what you do after that will define your results. Do you think ” That’s it, I have ruined my week, it’s only Tuesday but I will start again next Monday!” or are you looking to get back on track with your next meal of the day?

See you need to treat yourself and let your hair down every now and again otherwise you will end up resenting what you eat and that is just no good for anyone, look out for fun recipes and also homemade versions of takeaways to make sure you can still have a curry, but you get to monitor the ingredients and calories of that meal.


Negative mindset makes the panda cry! Stay positive!

2 – It is not a diet ….

Yes, you need to be wary of what you are eating, Yes you need a calorie deficit to achieve weight loss goals but if you associate losing weight with not being able to eat things you will lose that battle. You should just focus on fuelling your body on healthier meals, and this kind of crosses over with number 1 but look at providing as many nutrients with every meal you have.

Otherwise, you will end up going to war with your brain, it is like the bull with a red flag, you tell your brain no, it will tell you yes. And it will win, so just enjoy your food and make your best possible choice where possible, even if you go out to a restaurant you can make small changes that will help your body and help you towards your goal.

Remember you can always start again on your next meal!

3 – Muscle Gains

Ok, you want to lose weight, but what does that mean to you? People are too vague on this, are you looking at reducing your size? Are you looking to lose body fat or do you need to hit a specific weight for a sport? Figure out what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve.

All too often people are just concerned about making puddles and sweating as much as possible, but you need to focus on maintaining and building your muscle mass as this allows you to burn more calories along with storing more nutrients ( IT MEANS YOU CAN EAT MORE) which is fantastic if you are a foodie.

Now muscle mass is hard to build for males but as a bride to be looking to shape up? You are really up against it as your hormonal levels are about 6 times lower than a male, so you have to work hard! Not only work hard but work smart, focus on the full body moves, not just a set of tricep extensions with a rope. Your training needs to activate as many muscles groups as possible, especially if you only get to workout 3 times a week, or less!

Those people in the gym you look up to? They were once like you, but they took smart steps in each and every workout to become a little better, they trained a little smarter and trained a little harder and made more right choices than bad. If you do that consistently you will achieve your goal.

Weight lifting will not make you big! Doing nothing will, step up and lift away!

So as a recap look to follow these 3 points to allow yourself to relax a little and achieve better results

1 – It is ok to not be perfect
2 – It is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle
3 – Workout smarter, and a little harder

Remember consistent actions will always result in consistent growth, if you stop-start all the time you will never get past the first step, so make a better choice every day, and focus on those 3 points. This post wasn’t designed to give you the magic pill answer, as it’s not real but hopefully, with a clearer and more positive mindset, you can start to enjoy the journey a little more and accept that changes will not happen overnight.

If you need more help then please ask some questions, we are more than happy to try to help you brides out. Also, follow us on our social media for more tips from our personal trainers to help any bride to be.

Keep smiling and keep pushing towards your goals, with consistent actions you WILL get there.

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