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Posted by Ben Simpkins on November 9, 2015

So with Halloween now out the way, it just leaves christmas before 2015 is out the way, and if you are like the majority of people you will start with a “new year, new you” mentality, but was this what you said this time last year?

How many of you said that 2015 would be the year, this time there would be no excuses.

But life has got in the way, things have popped up that you didn’t plan for, and ultimately you haven’t achieved your goals.

For people to run a successful business you need a good plan with an end goal in mind, you need to strategically plan every step to guide you to your end goal and you need to make sure you are profitable with money coming in.

For people who achieve fantastic results with their body they need a good plan with an end goal in mind, they need to plan their meals and workouts to help achieve their goal and they need to be profitable with their time and life.

Being profitable with time and life is the absolute key to this, if you do not like what you are doing on a daily basis you are more likely to eat badly and not exercise, if you are not getting away from the daily grind of work and the stress associated with it you will not be motivated to push yourself so you can achieve your goals.

For a business to succeed they need good profit margins, for you to succeed in looking great, you need good calorie margins.

Businesses fail because they pay too much and don’t charge enough, and people fail because they eat too much of what they shouldn’t and don’t keep active enough while supplying the body with the correct nutrients. See it is possible to get some form of results by switching up your training and by altering a couple of meals a week. But if you want serious results then you need to plan your workouts, your meals, your calories and if you are to do that, then you will be motivated to carry on as the changes to your body will be so incredible.

Businesses will look for margins above the 80% mark to survive and grow, and you need to look at an absolute MINIMUM of being on it with your training and nutrition 80% of the time, the closer you get to 95% the better your results and the greater you will look, if you drop below the 80% mark, your results will slow, and the % will keep dropping until you give up. Also the reason we say 95% is because you have to enjoy yourself every now and then, but make smart choices, have a slice of cake at the office if it is someone’s birthday, just make sure your slice is not a 1/4 of the cake!


So this week try to focus on your “profitable” margins with regards to getting in shape, exercise regularly and at a good enough intensity, make the best possible choices for your meals and try to plan the week ahead!

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