Are you ready for change? Try Personal Training in Clapham

Posted by Ben Simpkins on December 9, 2015

Most people come to personal trainers as they want to change something about themselves, they don’t like what they see in the mirror, they don’t have enough energy, they struggle to get rid of that last bit of body fat or they just need someone to guide them through their weight loss journey.

Everyone is always trying to make a change in their life whether it is work, family or lifestyle related, people want change. It keeps them focused on the future, it allows them to set goals and feel like they are achieving something. But what if you were focusing on the wrong goal?

What if you should be changing another area of your life before you take on trying to find the most effective body fat burning exercises.

Everyone wants to look better naked and everyone wants to have confidence walking down the street but do you need to make that change or do you just like the idea of making a change?

It is an interesting thought really because too many people just like the idea of being in better shape, they are not fired up to actually change their life and that is because other areas in your life require change first. If you have a horrible workplace which means you are not happy, you are stressed, not sleeping well and are working all hours of the day, do you really think trying to do a high-intensity interval class is going to help you get in better shape? Maybe it well, but it most likely wont.

Think about it if your not sleeping well, you wake up tired needing coffee and sugar to get you started this then leads to energy crashes which will lead to not eating the right diet to help change your body. The poor diet will lead to hormones being out of sync and your sugar cravings will increase. Due to your tiredness, stress and poor sugar levels you will most likely choose to have that glass of wine, or 2, at the end of your day as a way of coping with your job. And then you want to throw in an exercise class.

Changing your work life so you can get sufficient sleep, reduce stress where possible, allow yourself to eat what and when you need to will allow your body to make the changes it needs when you are exercising.

You need to find the area of your life that is going to make the biggest change in the shortest amount of time, and you need to be, on a scale of 1-10, at least an 8 in terms of being ready to finally make a change. If you do not want it enough and it isn’t going to impact your life enough you will give up at the first sign of it getting tough. You must be relentless, you cannot give up, you must push through the challenges and allow nothing but success be in front of you no matter what area of your life it is.

Think of how bad things could get if you do not take the right action, something is better than nothing.

So are you ready for change?

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