How to enjoy your fitness programme with Personal Training in Clapham

Posted by Ben Simpkins on May 24, 2016

You know the drill, the new year or summer is coming up, and you think, “this is it, I’m going to make this happen! No more excuses, I WILL get fit.” And 2-3 weeks into your programme you have been hitting the gym or running 2 or 3 times a week and you’re feeling good, another 2 weeks go by and your feelings change, you’re now bored, bored of the same routine, bored of the X-trainer, bored of doing the same lap of the park, bored of crunches and you’re not really seeing results anymore.

So how can you stop that to make sure that you maintain a fitness programme that you can follow all year round? See it doesn’t matter when you start whether it is the new year, 5 months before a holiday or a year before your wedding, you need to keep yourself focused and you must make sure you still enjoy working out, otherwise you will give up.

With variety being the spice of life, you need to vary your workout, you can change your reps, your sets, the exercise itself, your goal or your whole weekly workout plan to name a few variables.

By mixing up your workout you will ensure the muscles never get comfortable and you will work the muscle groups differently each time you introduce something new. I am sure you have had it before, you can run a set amount of time on a treadmill, the sun comes out and you try to replicate that run outside but you can’t because it is so much harder! But that is because you have been training on the treadmill and your muscles are not used to you having to run outside! Multiple factors come in when you are outside, the grounds harder, you have to propel yourself with each step, the weather, hills …. dreaded bloody hills! These are just a few things that can impact you while running outside.

So when looking for a good way to break your weekly workout, you can look at following something like this below, bearing in mind you want to be training at least 3-4 times per week if you want actual results;

2-3 days in the gym, using a variation of weights and interval training for fat burning
1-2 day spent doing a sport you love
30 minutes walking each day

It will blow you away how hard and how much fun you can have just introducing a sport into your weekly workout, you forget how much effort you put into it as it is a sport, not a workout. It will ensure you keep enjoying your weekly workouts and it should lead to longer lasting results! The key is keeping yourself active throughout the week, not just Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or however you plan your weekly workouts.

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