How to improve your hydration and drink more

Posted by Ben Simpkins on May 26, 2016

Ensuring you have had enough water is imperative to you losing unwanted body fat, being able to train hard and keeping yourself looking young and healthy. Over 50% of the body is made up of water so ensuring you are hydrated and consuming enough water will make a huge difference to how you are feeling and functioning.

Below are 4 simple ways to improve your hydration and while ensuring you drink more water.

1) Buy yourself a fancy bottle – If you invest in a bottle that you can keep and use on a regular basis you will be more likely to continually use it. With normal water bottles once finished people often put them in for recycling and don’t continue drinking past that one bottle. If you have a bottle that is continually topped up then you are more likely to reach for it when you feel thirsty

2) Avoid Diuretics – These encourage the body to go to the toilet which means you will flush out water on a more regular basis, leading to dehydration. These can be found in caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks. Try to limit your intake of these drinks where possible, especially around training days as this can affect your training intensity.

3) Eat more water – Foods can hold a high water content and you should look at using these in your daily routine and diet as many times a day as possible. Many vegetables and fruits hold a high water content which contributes to your daily intake and can help boost your hydration levels. Foods like cucumber, peppers and watermelon are just a few that contain a high water content.

4) Fruit infusion – Using fruit and herbs to infuse your fruit is a brilliant way to spice up your water consumption. All too often people don’t drink water as they don’t like the taste but by either leaving a selection of fruit and herbs in the water over night or by purchasing an infusion bottle you can add your favourite taste to your drinks.

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