Are you getting enough calories?!

Posted by Ben Simpkins on June 14, 2016

Is that new diet worth trying, should you use a juice detox, surely if you don’t eat you will lose body fat?! These are just a few things that can come into thought when looking at losing body fat and improving your figure but all too often most people are actually undereating!

Now if you are NOT eating 3 nutritious meals a day with added healthy snacks, and drinking the right level of water for your daily intake then you should look at addressing that before going in too deep to this article as getting the basics right will need to be your main focus, not so much calorie counting.

But if you feel like you are eating 3-5 healthy clean meals a day and are still struggling to lose the unwanted body fat then it may be down to not consuming enough calories.

So how do you figure out how many you should be eating?!

You can never 100% tell as you daily energy expenditure will change all the time so you can only get an estimate of where you should be and what your Resting Energy Expenditure is (REE, the amount of calories you burn each day just by staying in a rested state), you can get that estimate by using the following formula;

For women – REE = (10 x weight in kg) + (6,25 × height in cm) – (5 × age in years) – 161

For men – REE = (10 x weight in kg) + (6,25 × height in cm) – (5 × age in years) + 5

These are the most recent numbers which have been revisited from the original Harris-Benedict formula

Achieving weight loss after you have your REE

So how can this number help you lose weight? Well, the recommended number of calories you cut should be 500 from your BMR, so figure out that number and keep a note of it as this can then help you structure your meals and snacks to ensure you are hitting your right calorie intake. If you are going under this limit the body will think you are beginning to starve and will look to get rid of what is burning the most calories, YOUR MUSCLES! Which is the worst thing that could happen when you are looking at losing weight?

You will lose lean muscle mass and keep your body fat, although your weight may go down, it will not be the body fat that is burning off, which is what you want.

I am sure you have probably seen this before but just in case this is to show that improving muscle tone is not the issue, excess body fat is!

So now you know how to figure out how many calories you need on a daily basis to ensure you are burning body fat and keeping the body sufficiently topped up to ensure there is no catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue.

We will come back to this subject in another post so you can link this with what types of calories you should be eating in each meal.

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