What I saw at the events at Olympia this weekend

Posted by Ben Simpkins on July 11, 2016

Over the course of the 8th-10thJuly, Olympia held 3 events, the Love Natural Love You, The allergy show and the vegan show. I went along mainly for the first two but had a little look around the vegan show too out of interest and there were some interesting companies and products along the way.

These shows are usually a great place to find out about all the new up and coming companies that are about to burst onto the health scene, you normally have a group of companies selling the same thing in a different format, companies you have seen before and then a few random ones that catch your eye as they offer something different.

Now the thing that got me, bearing in mind this is based on health and wellness, loving your body and looking after yourself, the amount of junk food was insane! Chocolates, cakes, pizzas, brownies to name a few things on offer, it was mad! Most of these products still had a high calorie count, still had a high sugar content, they had just switched and replaced an ingredient of two. I get that it is hard to break the habit of what you eat and I understand that you probably don’t want to eat meat, veg and fruits but this surely isn’t helping?

Bearing in mind most people don’t understand a healthy balanced lifestyle and what foods they should be eating, advertising “healthy” cake and brownie mixes surely are going to slow down your progress?! I can guarantee who ever took it home will have eaten more than a normal brownie portion as it is “healthy”, the ingredients may have been a better choice, but would more damage be done than good?

The more natural hair and skin products coming through were great, as these were lower in toxins than regular beauty products, and this is fantastic for your skin and your body composition. The coconut oil deodorant looked cool, but I don’t think that it is for me unfortunately! There seems to be a real interest in more natural products and I think this is probably something you are going to be seeing a lot more of in the future, it has already started to seep through but I think there will be a massive boom in this within 12 months or so.

The main reason I went along was to see what was coming out and to see what were the new trends but like I said the majority of stuff were just healthier alternatives to junk foods, which is useful to have because if you are going to eat something like that, then you are better using a healthier alternative, although I would argue you should make it yourself so you can see what is going in, as it really isn’t as hard as it looks!

This wasn’t a rant about the companies there, as they are working on giving you options and providing you with a more natural food, but I just don’t think the majority of the companies there should have been food based. I feel there should have been more informative companies like dietitians and nutritionists, specialists in allergies and more health professionals. Yes there were talks available from people in these areas but they didn’t seem to push these at all, when I walked past most people were sat down reading about the products they just purchased, these are the people that will make a big difference, but they just didn’t seem to have the coverage. I feel they missed a massive trick here, hopefully, next year it will be a little different, but we will see!

Please be aware this was just my experience, I don’t feel they did enough to push the talks, other people may have received a different service based on who they spoke to and the event may well have been incredible, it was extremely busy so it is a good sign that people are starting to take more notice of the foods they are eating and are trying to make changes to their lifestyle.

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