The Bulletproof Coffee

Posted by Ben Simpkins on August 4, 2016

The ultimate way to start your day and the perfect pre workout, disgusting and horrible, you put what in your coffee?! Are you mad??

Some of the many things you will hear on this subject and I have probably said all 3 at different stages of my PT career, a bullet proof coffee allows you to MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) into your coffee. This should allow the body to not only get the caffeine stimulation but provide the body with an energy source to use throughout the workout or throughout the morning as the MCTs are easier for the body to break down and use.

So what goes into your coffee?

Please don’t ignore this post the second you read this, 2 ingredients should be added in and they are coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter (Kerry gold). Yes, you read that right, coconut oil and butter into your coffee. Now don’t just chuck a stick of butter and teaspoons of coconut oil into your Starbucks, you need to blend them together as if you didn’t know, oil floats on top of water and the last thing you want is melted fats going in first and then a little bit of coffee. If you blend these together you get a creamy effect, but yes you do need to keep stirring it to ensure it stays combined.

Why would you do that?!

As stated before it is a great way to start the day or as a pre-workout, you get the caffeine stimulation to wake you up or to get you ready to hit the gym session hard as it increases the heart rate, as I said before the fats provide a good energy source but you ideally would take some BCAAs in the gym to help give the body proteins to help boost recovery. If you are struggling with hunger pains in the morning then look at taking a protein shake with your coffee to help tide you over.

Another useful tip is vanilla extract, adding a couple of drops to the coffee can help improve the taste if you do not like it that much!

It is a bit of a tough one to call on this because research is quite contradicting, I went through a stage of about a month of using this every day and I felt good, I had it either as a breakfast or as a pre-workout depending on the day and I found it made a difference to me. But everyone is different, it may not agree with your body, you may hate the taste there are many factors that come into whether you should be taking this.

The only thing you can do is give it a go, as always use yourself as an experiment, track how you are feeling, measure your energy and productivity to see if it is for you and if it is something that you should look at using on a regular basis. But please be careful calorie wise as with the recommended intake will hold around 460 calories per cup so you have to be on it for the rest of your daily intake.

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