How to meal prep

Posted by Ben Simpkins on September 16, 2016

One of the keys to success is planning the day ahead, if you leave nothing to chance, then you cannot fail. If you walk out of your door without eating breakfast and without food with you then what are you going to eat?! Chances are a pastry with a morning coffee and a sandwich at lunch followed with lots of snacking in between. If you have your breakfast ready for you in the morning and you then bring in some light snacks and a lunch, you eliminate the chance of you going off track with your eating plans.

If you follow the steps below it will make your life 10x easier, the degree of meal prep is down to you, whether you want to do days at a time or just the next day will depend on you. I like the variety of changing meals each day rather than having the same meal for 3 days in a row but if you don’t have time on your side then your only option will be to bulk cook.

It is all too easy to become this baby! Don’t do it!

1) Go shop

Sounds stupid right? But one of the main reasons people fail with their nutrition is because they don’t have their fridge filled up with options, if there is nothing in the fridge then it usually leads to poor food choices and you can’t meal prep for the upcoming days!

2) Get yourself the kit

I am sure you have seen it all over Instagram, but if you do not have Tupperware boxes are you even food prepping?! These little plastic boxes will become your best friend and worst enemy, none more so than when you can’t find a lid and you have 20 spare boxes sitting around.

Make sure you find a suitable carrier bag, something insulated like a cool bag works wonders as it reduces the risk of you;

A – Dropping your food on the commute to work
B – Getting food poisoning in the summer when its hot

To make changes you have to commit to doing things right on a daily basis, if you cut out leaving things to chance, by having these tools, then you are more likely to succeed.

3) Know your numbers

You should know what you are going to eat ahead of time as you should have figured out your macros with your coach or by using our how to guide we posted on this subject. If you know your numbers ahead of time then this will help you make better shopping choices when out. Try to keep your numbers in sight at all times when you are prepping to make sure you don’t go over.

4) Keep it simple

There is no need to go out of your way trying to cook up a Michelin star meal every time you prep food. Save that fancy stuff for friends and family, when you are prepping keep it as simple as possible. The reason for this is you get used to cooking simple things, it will form a habit and it will become easier the more you do it. Try to focus on one protein, one carb and some fats in each meal.

Good examples of each are below;

Protein – chicken, ground beef, salmon, turkey or steak
Carbs – Rice, Quinoa, Couscous , Oats
Fats – Coconut or Olive Oil, Nuts, Nut butters, Seeds

I try to pack each meal with as many vegetables as possible but make sure you have some of the above in each the way I usually go is Chicken cooked in coconut oil, rice and green veg. Simple but very effective.

5) Variety!

Now this kind of contradicts what I said above but have you ever tried eating chicken broccoli and rice 5 times a day for a sustained time? No?! Well its bloody hard, and you don’t feel great towards the end so finding a way to keep you excited about what you are eating is key!

But what you can do is work with spices, seasonings and my favourite, hot sauce! I am a big fan of seasonings and Cholula hot sauce, it helps keep things interesting while keeping the calorie count low. Be sure you check what is in the product though and be extra careful of the sugar content if you are going to use a sauce.

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