What Are Super Sets

Posted by Ben Simpkins on September 27, 2016

I think this picture perfectly shows how you will feel at the end! We are continuing our training tips and today we look at supersets, what they are, how to use them and a few examples of them in effect.

Supersets are where you perform 2 exercises in a row without stopping, these can be working the same muscle groups, different muscle groups in the same workout or opposing muscles.

So for the same muscle groups as an example you could do squats followed by lunges, different muscle groups in the same workout could be a lat pull down with bicep curls. Finally opposing muscles would be having a back workout while supersetting with triceps as one of the primary muscle that supports your back would be biceps.

When to use them?

At first, use them right at the very end as endurance will be an issue if you are planning on training the same muscles groups and you have not done them before, so start by finishing off on a superset and start to add them into your routine otherwise if you go from the start then your workout may end sooner than you planned!

How to use them

Start with the hardest exercise first, if you find squats tougher than lunges, get the squats out the way otherwise you will have tired the legs out with the lunges and then trying to complete your squats.

Look at following a plan for 6-8 weeks and be sure to stretch as it will be a big surprise to the muscle groups that you have selected to train.

Examples of Supersets

Below are some of my preferred pairings that I use, you are more than welcome to chop and change them as you see fit.

Leg press – Deadlifts
Squats – Weighted step ups
Walking lunges – Farmers walk
Dumbbell chest press – Narrow grip bench
Bench press – chest flies
Bent over row – bicep curls
Lat pull down – wide grip row
Shoulder press – Shrugs
Lateral raise – upright row
Bicep curl – Tricep extension

Good luck with these or get in touch if you want to know some more!

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