Find your why

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 12, 2016

Are you looking to lose body fat and tone up? Do you want to push forward in a new career or maybe you are thinking about running a marathon (That doesn’t apply to many people!). People have goals, no matter what aspect of your life you will have a goal, a body shape, financial, career, family, lifestyle and many other areas that you will have an idea about.

What usually happens is people get to a moment in their life and they will want a change, they will want to push towards where their goal is, as with most of our personal training clients they want to achieve a body transformation and lose body fat. So we set out steps how to achieve what they want and we sit down and ask, on a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to achieving your goal, and we usually get between an 8-10, people are fired up and ready to go.

What happens next is we will ask you WHY you want to make the change, and we will ask this in a number of ways until you figure out what it is that makes you want to work towards that goal. So as an example the client may come in and say “I want to tone up”, we will ask why and the response will be something like “so I look better”, ask why again, “ so I feel more confident”, why, “so I can feel happy about how I look and not have to worry about my appearance”.

Guess what we ask again? Why. “ Well about 2 months ago my partner made a comment about how I was getting out of shape and I want to ensure he still loves me”

Now this is all made up but this has happened on quite a few occasions, but FYI your partner will love you no matter what! But the point is that now the client knows their real why. They know why they are getting out of bed at 5.30 to make a 6.30am class, they know why they are choosing extra veg instead of extra chips when eating out they know why they are making small changes on a daily basis to get a change in their body composition.

If your why goes as far as “ I want to look toned”, how fired up are you going to be when it is dark, wet and 1 degree outside?! What are the odds of you turning down dessert when you go out and why would you bother drinking water when diet coke tastes a lot nicer? If your goal only gets you 30-40% pumped up then you don’t have a deep enough why, you need to be at a 90-100% otherwise you will give up, when times get tough you will not stick to what you need to do to succeed.

The number of times I have tried to lose weight tried a diet, tried to make a change but I haven’t because I like the idea of losing the body fat, but if I didn’t do it, that would be ok. I needed to take a long hard look at myself and ask if that I wanted to be ok for the rest of my life or be awesome! Guess what one I chose??

You have to understand why you want change, in every aspect of your life, break down the barriers, get emotional about it, get rid of the bullshit lies you are telling yourself as to why you can’t succeed and be prepared to get pumped up. As when you break it all down and truly understand why you want to change where you currently are, there will be no stopping you.

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