How to deal with stress

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 18, 2016
  • There were so many pictures I could have used for this subject, I am sure everyone can relate to the 2 I have used and knows what it is like to be stressed.  Everyone has many stressors in their life whether it be from work, commuting, family, relationships or financial, these are some of the major ones but other things cause people to threat over in their mind the outcome of situations or to worry.

    Other ways the body can be stressed is through poor sleep management, not hydrating properly, poor nutrition, looking at computer/tv screens for too long or emotional issues. Everyone will react to each situation differently so some may deal better with a loss of a job than others, some people may struggle more then they become injured or ill.

    If stress is not dealt with properly and at the cause of the issue then it can brew and build up and cause some small problems like ;

    • headaches
    • irritability
    • Problems sleeping
    • concentration issues

    But if left stress can start to compound as other issues may contribute to your stress levels and much more serious issues like;

    • Depression
    • High blood pressure
    • Heart disease
    • Weight gain or loss
    • Fertility issues and a change in sex drive
    • Skin problems
    • Heartburn or IBS
    • Inflammation

    As you can see stress can lead to multiple issues within your life if left alone and not treated correctly many people down play the importance of getting stress under control or they do not know how to reduce their stress/cortisol levels. Finding your own way to relax and reduce stress is vital and each person will have their own methods. For me personally I like to hit the gym, use the wide range of colouring books or my main way to reduce stress, play football. These 3 ways help me out more than anything else, other things do contribute like being able to work outside and walking around but my main 3 are my main ways to calm down if I am feeling a little stressed.

    Below are some tips for how you could find ways to reduce your stress levels but remember to try them all out as everyone is different and although football for me is perfect, other people that will have no impact on, so try them out and find a few that suit you!

  • 1) Accept what you can’t control
    1) Accept what you can’t control

    All too often a lot of stress comes from fretting over outcomes that are not in your control in the first place. By running constant scenarios through your mind and thinking of every single outcome is a prime way start building up stress.

    Focus on what you can control, on what you can have an impact on and what you can personally change. Everything else will happen as it is meant to happen.

    2) Watch out for unhealthy habits
    2) Watch out for unhealthy habits

    Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or coffee and zoning out watching the TV are great ways to numb the pain, but they will never get to the cause of the problem. Take a step back from your daily routine to look at what is truly causing you issues and try not to mask it and put your head in the sand.

    Find support and comfort from the people who can help you, it may be friends, family or a professional.

    3) Take control of your life
    3) Take control of your life

    This is a big one and covers many aspects of your lifestyle and routine. Find a way to plan your day and mark out specific time frames for each activity. This will enable you to not feel overrun and losing track of what jobs need to be done each day. This can be done on in an actual diary, on your phone or on your computer, managing your time is a huge factor in reducing stress.

    Figure out what other problems in your life you can take control of, it may be you need a new job, you may need to break off a relationship or it could be you want to change your body. Step up and get a hold of what is causing you pain and stress, focus on what a difference it will make to your life if you make that change compared to if you stick with your current situation.

    4) Try some relaxation techniques
    4) Try some relaxation techniques

    What’s vital is finding something that works for you, it allows you to let go of all that held up stress and begin to relax otherwise you if you never release your stress then it will continue to build up. I have previously mentioned I use the colouring in books and I love them! But there are many other ways to relax.

    Listen to music, get a massage/spa treatment, take a bath, read, go for a walk, speak to friends, get out to the countryside, rent an animal for the day (rentmydoggy looks amazing!), take up a hobby, draw or paint.

    The list is endless, find something that you can use to take your mind away from your stress.


    5) Exercise
    5) Exercise

    You will have undoubtedly heard of a runners high, where you release endorphins when you train and this gives you a happy relaxed feeling, this also kicks in from other forms of exercise. It allows you to take out any anger/stress while keeping you fit and healthy, it is perfect.

    Granted things like boxing and HiiT are preferential as you can put more energy and get angry at your reps a little easier than if you were to go on the X-Trainer for an hour but the feeling is still the same.

    It will build your confidence, your energy levels, your mind set and allow you to look at challenges in a new way. You find ways to push yourself and that will start to rub off on other parts of your life that may be causing you stress.


    6) Sleep
    6) Sleep

    Your sleep is vital and so is the 30 minutes leading up to your sleep. You looking at Facebook at 11pm is not going to help you sleep, either is watching TV until you drop off, or using a laptop/tablet.

    All electronics should be shut down 30 minutes before bed to allow your brain the chance to relax and settle down, if you are watching a screen right before bed the lights will be causing the brain to release cortisol which is the hormone linked to stress. I use the colouring books 30 minutes before I go to sleep, other people use books. You can also use that time to food prep, get your bag set for the next day and many other tasks.

    If you are not sleeping well either that will be having an effect on your body, make sure you get as close to 8 hours as possible otherwise your body will find a way to break you down either through illness or injury.


  • I hope these have been helpful and insightful and if you have any questions then please comment below and I would be more than happy to answer!

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