How to look and feel more confident with Personal Training Clapham

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 6, 2016

This time we take a look at how you can boost your confidence, whether you want to work on how you feel about yourself or want ways to look more confident, fake it until you make it if you will.

Confidence can be affected by many different factors, it may be the fact you have a certain outfit you feel shows off your figure best, maybe you have a certain hairstyle you prefer or it could be from someone making a comment about you. But what you need to understand is nobody is perfect and you need to stay positive while maintaining realistic views of yourself.

Confidence can have a big impact on different aspects of your life, it can play a part in not only job interviews or dates but it can affect your training. I have myself along with many other clients not taking on a certain exercise due to not feeling confident enough that you will succeed or that you won’t end up looking like a lemon when you try it out!

This post we are going to give you a few tips about how to not let your self-confidence become affected and how to push yourself to create a stronger look for yourself.

1) Accept where you are right now.

This is huge and plays a big part in improving your confidence, take a step back from your day, look in the mirror and take in who you are. In that moment there is nothing you can change about who you are, you just need to look at yourself and think about who you are. You may not be happy with your behaviour recently, you may have emotional problems currently or the main reasons we get most of our personal training clients, you want to transform you figure.

All of these thoughts are normal and if you want to change, then fine, you can make changes moving forward and if you are not ready for changing just yet then that is absolutely fine too. Most people don’t realise you need to get to a state of mind where you are ready to push yourself to make lasting changes about who you are and what your lifestyle is like.

All too often people rush into challenges they are not ready for because they think they need to make the change because someone else said they should. Take that moment to think about you, all that matters is what you think and if you are not ready for the change, that is great, if you are ready for change, then again that is great.

2) Do not compare

Most people have a lack of self-confidence as they compare themselves to who they think they want to be, just so you can re-read that and take it in, most people have a lack of self-confidence as they compare themselves to who they think they want to be.

Social media is huge, there are so many platforms and more ways than ever to see people in great shape, people splashing cash around or people with the “perfect”, everyone has a different idea of perfect, lifestyle. What most people do is they think about what they want and compare that to these people who they have never met, they don’t know a thing about them and they don’t know what that person stands for.

Before you compare yourself just think to yourself do you really want to be like them, yes it would be fantastic to have a mansion and a sports car, but would you be happy with a nice home and a loving family? Set your goals of what you want and realistically can achieve because otherwise, you are just going to fail. It is like a fish wanting to fly, it looks great, but it will never happen.

Another factor you have to take note for is your lifestyle, yes it would be great to have a magazine cover body (even though most models don’t have that body themselves!) but can you commit to having 5 healthy meals a day, 2 gym sessions, over 2.5L water and around 8 hours of sleep, with limited stress? You need to find a place where you can get to that you are happy with, if that is a size 8, then sure go for it, if you are happy at a size 16, then brilliant! Get to a place where you are happy with your figure and just keep in mind the trade-off needed to get to that next level.

3) Train, exercise, play

Find activities that keep you active, when you begin to take part in these activities then you will begin to find that your mood lightens and you start to believe in yourself a little more. I have had clients tell me that they can’t run, yes that’s right they can’t run, and within a year they have taken part in a 10k.

The reason they couldn’t run? They didn’t feel confident running outside, so we got to work on starting with small steps and pushed it further every week and you will find that challenging yourself in either your training programme or in a sport will build your confidence, you will start to look for more challenging experience and grow as a person.

Find ways to limit excuses and find ways to get outside of your comfort zone, no one is judging you but yourself.

4) Other people’s opinion

The big one, a source of much pain for many people and the reason why so many people have low self esteem, I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible as this could be a whole post by its self.

In short, f*** their opinion, life really is too short to be making up scenarios in your mind about what other people could be thinking. If people do have an opinion, does it really matter? That person who is looking at you while you run past, are you ever going to speak to them? Probably not.

If they do have something to say to you, in some form of put down or another horrible way, take it on board, and just think about how terrible their day/life must be to have to get a thrill and joy out of making other people more upset than themselves. It really is quite sad and a shame that people are like that but that is the world we are in.

Find yourself a community or group of like-minded people who all want to succeed and work on the same path as this will help keep you on track, if you want to change your figure and lose body fat, get a personal training, join an exercise class/boot camp or take up a sport. If you want to take a step towards a new career, join a networking group as they will be there to help themselves and other companies grow.

I have no idea why I love this but it is just the thought that comes into my head every time someone has an opinion on what I am doing, haters are gonna hate, and potatoes are gonna potate. Just save the photo attached to this blog, I love it!I will come back onto this subject with a whole other post in the coming weeks.

5) Fake it til you make it.

There are 3 simple tricks that I used while I was suffering with depression and trying to move forward and they are so easy to do that anyone can use them. Even if you are not feeling great, just keep resorting back to these 3 steps, every single time and eventually, you will start to feel better about yourself and portray yourself in a more confident manor.

1- Stand tall, do not slouch, stand up and correct your posture, push your shoulders down and chest up. Try to walk and stand with your body as upright as possible
2- Head up, too many people walk with their heads looking at the floor or their phone, walk around with your head up, and challenge yourself, if you see someone you think is hot, try to keep your head up longer than they can, almost like a little game of chicken. You will be surprised by how hard it is at first, but you will get better.
3- SMILE, its massive, and even if you are in a bad mood, just smile, not sarcastically but just a little smile will not only boost your mood but it will make you seem more confident.

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