Why use a personal trainer in Clapham

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 14, 2016

Why would you use a personal trainer?

Often a question I hear from my family members who don’t quite understand how brilliant we can be for you. Stereotyped as a Mr Olympia type body builder, screaming at you with a protein shake in one hand and a stopwatch in the other, personal training has come along way since then and can now be seen in a more varied market.

Specialist PT’s work in many different areas, sports performance, rehab, pre and post-natal, fat loss and body composition to name but a few ways a trainer can work with a client. In this post we will give you some reasons why using a trainer can be a great asset to you in your pursuit of results and change within your body.

1 – Instruction
We teach you how to execute certain exercises that you may not be comfortable doing or ones you may not have even known existed. Personal trainers will help break down the basics of the move and ensure you can safely perform the movement. This can be seen in exercises like squats, swings, bench press and core training.

2 – Efficiency
Whether you have 60 minutes or 20 minutes, trainers can maximise your workout to fit your schedule. If people have under 30 minutes they usually won’t train by themselves or at best they will edge towards a cardio machine, your trainer will push you no matter what your time schedule.

3 – Variety

It is the spice of life and it keeps your training interesting, for someone who isn’t a gym bunny, finding new ways to keep your mind engaged with the gym is key! A variation of equipment, exercises and training principles can keep you having to focus each and every time you step in the gym.

4 – Support

Unless you are 100% focused on your goal and nothing else in your life pops up to throw you off course, training always seems like the easiest part of your life to sacrifice, but with your personal trainer they can help you in your session. If you ask any trainer they will tell you they feel like their job is half PT and half therapist. Use the sessions to clear your head and take out any stress/anger out, either by talking to the trainer or by putting the energy into a move, like boxing or the slam ball.

5 – Accountability

Do you find it hard to turn down the office cakes, or do you find yourself snacking while watching TV, having someone hold you accountable for your actions suddenly make you think twice about eating something off your plan. Your trainer should look at finding what the biggest red flag in your nutrition is and work with you on creating a new habit until you stop doing what was affecting your results the most.

It also should push you to train more, when there is someone else relying on you, do you really want to not complete your home workouts and knowing that the trainer is waiting for you will give you the push you need to get to your session.

6 – Results

Trainers have 2 focuses when you go to work with them, changing your lifestyle and getting you results. That is all that matters, a personal trainer will work with you to help create healthy lasting lifestyle changes that you can and will carry on once you are finished working with them and they should be getting you the results that you originally wanted and more.

7 – Anywhere is a gym

You may work with a trainer inside a gym, a studio space, outside or even in your home. Your personal trainer will be able to design a comprehensive and tough workout routine to suit where you can/want to train. So if you would prefer to be outside and to get some fresh air for an hour a day then you can achieve that while getting fitter!

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