Why use Semi-Private Training Groups

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 27, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we told you why it is beneficial to have a personal trainer and this time we are looking at one of our over top services we supply, semi-private training. SPT is going to become the next big thing in the UK, it is slowly creeping into the market and you will start to see more and more of it, so what is the difference between PT and SPT?

Well you still get the main benefits as PT like the coaching, the support, accountability, results and variety within your sessions except you now have a group culture. See training with your friends creates that extra little push to get you to the sessions when you have a group of people all on the same mission, the results are unbelievable! You will achieve better results and enjoy the sessions more, the competitive side will come out of you as nobody wants to finish last or look the worst!

SPT also allows you to have community for support, some of our clients didn’t know the people in their SPT sessions beforehand, they could only make the time slot we had so they made new friends and found people to console with about issues they may be having with the nutrition and training. Believe it or not you may not want to tell your trainer everything so by having other confidents within your exercise plan, there are people there to support you through tough times. Please remember though our coaches ALWAYS want to help and are always on hand to listen.

SPT allows you the same benefits of PT for a fraction of the price, we charge our SPT groups at a discounted rate compared to our PT prices so you can get the same training and support while being in a group scenario. Each SPT time slot is maxed out at 5 members so we can keep an active eye on everyone attending and make sure everybody gets enough help from our coaches.

So why don’t we just offer SPT I hear you ask, well there are a few reasons, mainly because some people like the focus to be on them to make sure they are 100% getting everything right in their training as obviously, we can’t watch all 5 members of our SPT classes at the same time. PT offers you undivided attention, it also offers people the chance to just zone out, not think about talking and just get told what to do. Our SPT groups are often quite fun and filled with competitions and noise.

PT also has more flexible time wise as we only offer select times throughout the day currently for SPT classes and we need a minimum of 2 people per time slot to start a new class.

So there you have it, our 2 main services summed up, we will take a look at boot camps in the future but in the meantime if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment on our post or if you are interested in some training in the south west London area then drop us a message and a coach will call you back to discuss how we can help.

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