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Posted by Ben Simpkins on January 31, 2017

Well, the end of January is here, you have survived the longest payday drought, made it through the darkest days of the year so far and have come 31 days closer to your summer holiday, but what about your fitness plan?

Most new year resolutions are based on either starting a strength and fitness routine, losing some weight or just getting healthy, but by now usually, 50% of people have given up on their resolution and don’t start to look at making a change again until the following January!! That to me is crazy that one in two people will have given up on their goals after just 31 days, a new habit is supposedly formed after 21 days but for you to actually see a noticeable difference it could take between 28-42 days.

You can see why people struggle to stay committed and motivated when they are not seeing the changes in their eating habits, cravings, training results or weight loss. People want quick results but it takes time you have to commit to the long haul. Give it 6 months and then give it up if it isn’t working and then reassess how to move forward and actually achieve your goals.

If you have given up or are feeling like you want to give up, have a little look at these next few points to see if these can give you the motivation to stick with it!

1- People want you to fail

How many times have you said “I’m going to get in shape and start eating right”, and your friends just say “oh yeah of course, here we go again!!”

No one believes you will stick to it, everyone is expecting you to fail.

So why not stick two fingers up at them and achieve something?! Prove to friends, family or colleagues that you can make a change, make them jealous with your success.

Think of the top 3 people you want to prove wrong, every time you want to stop training, you want to binge eat or you just don’t want to try anymore, think of those people and think about how good it is going to feel showing them they were wrong!

2 – Mix it up

One of the big issues is people get bored, mainly because people chose one workout machine to use at all times as they feel comfortable on it, or you may pick the same lunch every day as you know it is lower in calories or you give up all your fun nights out of partying and drinking. Find ways to keep your life, nutrition and exercise interesting.

-If you are training and exercising, use different cardio machines, lift weights, try out a new group exercise class or take up an old sport you used to love.

-For your meals find out where you can eat out locally around your work and home that offer you a selection of meals that fit with your goals.

-For night outs find new bars or activities to take on rather than heading out drinking until 3am and feeling like a hungover mess the next day.

Look at what you are doing, find ways to keep it interesting and to keep you engaged with what you’re training, eating and how you are living are.

3 – Remember why you are doing it!

This one gets away from people so often but thinks about what made you want to change. Something will have kicked in to make you want to flip your life on its head and do things differently, it may be a comment someone made, you may have a holiday or family event coming up or it could just be the fact you are sick of where you are/were when you first decided you wanted to get into a better shape.

Make a note of the feelings you had and remember what got you so pumped up that you said: “this is it, I am starting now!”

If you don’t have that fire, the desire to succeed, you will fail. This covers not only health and fitness but other areas of life. Think about what you want and why you want it the most, it can be quite a powerful trick to use.

4 – Time

This is simple, do not use this as an excuse as to why you can’t exercise. Here are a few ways to find time to stick to your plan.

-Take the stairs
-Get off facebook
-Get off your phone
-Walk to the shops
-Go to bed earlier, no you do not need to watch the 5th episode in a row of Gilmore Girls
-Get up earlier
-Use your lunch break to train
-Walk/Run/Cycle to work

These are very simple and pretty genetic but I am adamant if you were to speak to one of our coaches, we could find you time and a programme to fit into your lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

5 – Not seeing results

People give up because they don’t see the change they have made in themselves and this is why it is so important to have data to use so you can track what is happening with your body.

I had this issue when I lost my weight, even after losing 7 stone I still saw myself in the mirror as I was when I was at my heaviest, I hated it because I put a lot of effort into my training and eating and psychologically I still looked the same. Now obviously the scales, my clothes and everyone around me said what a change I had made but I didn’t see it.

I now use photos, I take one every Thursday as my way to track what change has happened in my body so I can ensure I am staying on track where possible. I only started using this back in October but it has changed my training and the results I have achieved have been fantastic.

Use some of these to track your progress

-Photo of your body
-A pair of jeans or dress that are too small
-Body measurements

These are just a few simple ones we use and try to stay off the scales just because you will gain weight from the increase in muscle mass, but you will become slimmer by losing body fat, the scales lie and they put people off training.

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