Why you shouldn't skip meals to get in shape

Posted by Ben Simpkins on March 7, 2017

With summer FINALLY starting to show itself out there, it is a common theme to try and rush results with your body, extra fitness classes, cutting calories along with alcohol and sometimes skipping meals altogether! But is that the best tactic? It is well known there is a little bit more to it than calories in vs calories out but if you want the biggest results then keeping an eye on what you consume on a daily basis is the way forward.

Now although we may all either sleep in and miss breakfast, work through lunch or get back too late to eat a dinner, missing the occasional meal wont harm you too much but if you are planning on skipping meals on a daily basis there are a multiple number of issues that can arise but getting yourself in shape and losing body fat is not what will occur.

1) Blood sugar levels drop

When you skip a meal your blood sugar levels will plummet and cause a drop in your energy, reduce your mood and usually leads to eating a bigger portion next time you get round to eating some food.

2) Increased craving

With your blood sugar levels lower your body will demand sugar to get in back up to its desired level, the trouble is we never eat what is needed to get the levels back to optimal so you will end up overeating causing a spike in your sugar levels, this will then lead to a crash after consuming the junk food leaving you feeling tired again. This will lead to craving a quick sugar/energy fix and the cycle will continue to repeat until the blood levels stabilise usually while you sleep.

3) You slow down your metabolism

With a lower calorie intake on a daily basis the body will start to slow your basic metabolic rate, (BMR is the daily number of calories burned just to survive), so if you would usually burn 1400 but you are constantly eating 1200, your body will begin to close the gap so that you are not burning excessive calories as your body will want to keep its fat stores saved.

4) You won’t be able to workout properly

If there is too much of a calorie deficit and your body is running low on nutrients, as previously stated your energy levels will drop and during a workout, you may well “hit a wall” which is where your body has nothing more to offer and you can’t continue your workout. Ensuring you get a constant supply of calories and nutrients to the body is essential for being able to exercise properly and on a regular basis.

5) You will store fat

You cannot outsmart your body, you may well get quick results from the first few weeks of skipping meals as you are taking in fewer calories than usual but your body will start to smarten up and it will look to store extra fat each time you do eat to ensure its body fat levels stay where it wants to be. It may also look at using muscle as your primary source of energy to make sure that its fat stores remain untouched and to lower your BMR as muscles burn more calories than fat throughout the day, less muscle = less calories needed to survive. This itself is a huge problem as your weight on the scales will go down but it will have detrimental effects on your body in the long run.

Do your best to ensure you meal prep and get your meals planned ahead of time, if you know that your schedule may be a little too tight to pop out to get some food then making sure that you have set yourself up for success by having a mini snack section at your office or food that don’t take long to prep and eat. Eating the right number of calories for your desired goal is essential to not only changing your body shape and composition but it is vital in regards to your health, don’t cut corners with taking in calories, just make sure you are eating the right foods.

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