London 2017 Marathon, 6 Tips To Aid Recovery

Posted by Ben Simpkins on April 24, 2017

First of all shout out to the legend that got pictured helping out a fellow runner to get across the line at the London marathon 2017, I am sure that other gestures like this happened all around the course but didn’t get captured, so well done to all who got around.

The weekend has just passed and so has the London marathon, the incredible group of people who got themselves ready to run that 26.2 miles, especially those in fancy dress! I have never understood how they have managed to get around that course with additional weight and baggage, it is hard enough getting yourself around let alone doing it dressed up! The 2 below are fantastic examples from this years race, cracking effort!

Maybe you yourself or anyone you know took part in the marathon this weekend, or if there is one coming up then maybe you would like our top 5 tips to recovering after a marathon? If so we have got the 6 best things you could do to get you back out there sooner rather than later.

1) Straight after, stretch – Try to resist the urge to just collapse and try to incorporate some stactic stretches into your post-race recovery plan which should include keeping yourself warm to allow your body to naturally lower to its normal temp, refuel( see tip

2 ) and stretch. Once this is done, lay on your back and elevate your legs, leave them resting on something for 15 minutes, this should help keep the swelling down a little.

2) Refuel right – With your nutrition leading up to the marathon you should have been playing around with what helps you recover best so ensure you stick that that and keep your water intake up, you absolutely must hydrate the body. Directly after the run, take in a sports drink to refuel your body with electrolytes that you would have lost through sweat during the race.

3) Ice, ice baby – Ice baths are a fantastic way to improve your recovery after a run, the ice baths help reduce swelling and can help aching knees, ankles, legs and feet. It is extremely horrible to slowly drop in but the best thing you can do is just drop in, ensure the legs are covered and sit there for 3 minutes. I promise you the first 10-15 seconds are the worst, but you will feel much better after.

4) Move – I know, you have just run over 26 miles and the last thing you probably want to do is to get up but keeping yourself active over the next few days will enhance your recovery rate, you don’t have to go running but walk about every hour or so to get the blood flowing through your legs to stop you from becoming a heap on your chair/sofa.

5) Rest – This kind of contradicts number one, but you have to let your body recover, Paula Radcliffe was commentating the race this weekend and she said she took weeks off after a race, now granted you haven’t run the pace she has but she knew how important recovery was for her joints and muscles. If you try to go back to running too early your body will not thank you for it.

6) Massage – This can either be self-massage by using a roller or getting someone to do it for you, just make sure you wait until after 6 hours post-race to use the foam roller and at least 24 hours to see a specialist to get rid of any knots and to help reduce the muscle soreness the next day.

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