Improve your tennis with these 5 exercises

Posted by Ben Simpkins on July 13, 2017

With Wimbledon nearly at a close, British summer actually looking like it’s going to stay we thought it would be best to go over the best ways for you to improve your tennis game so you can get out there on the courts and hit some fantastic winning shots with ease.

If you are looking at getting out there and playing a few sets then making sure that your body can cope with the explosive nature of the sport is a sure-fire way to give you a slight edge over your competitor. The best thing you can do is train using these 5 exercises to improve your strength and to boost your power.

1) Wood chops – Using either a medicine ball or a cable machine, start with the weight down by your knees on one side of the body, rotate the waist and lift the weight upwards in a diagonal pull so the weight ends up on the other side of the body, above the head.

2) Plyometric lunges – Start in a lunge position, lower down and jump up. While in the air change the position of the feet and land in a lunge position, if you can drop straight down into the next lunge then do so but if you need to regain your balance just take some time in between the reps.

3) Skater jumps – Mimic an ice skating move and jump side to side, as you land bend the knees slightly to absorb the body weight. If possible jump forwards 4 steps and backwards 4 steps. If that’s too tough just move side to side.

4) X-Shuttle run – Set up 5 cones, have one in the middle, and position them at 12, 3, 6 and 9 like a clock face. Run to a cone and return back to the middle one each time. When needing to progress, move the cones further away from the centre cone.

5) Rest one foot on top of a bench or ledge and have the other out in front. Squat down on one leg, keep the weight in your heel and ensure the front knee doesn’t go too far over the front ankle. Make sure you keep the chest up high and drop as low as you feel comfortable.

Another big part of your workout to improve your tennis would be stretching. Focus your attention on improving your mobility in your ankles, hips, obliques and chest.

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