Prepping for winter training

Posted by Ben Simpkins on October 23, 2017

After having got back from the 33-degree heat of Valencia over the weekend, Clapham Common was cold this morning! So I thought it would be fitting to put a little post up about how to keep active over the colder months of the year. The saying is that summer bodies are made in the winter because this is the most regular time for people to stop their training and to give up on being as regimented with their nutrition. Below are a few short tips on what you should be doing to ensure you continue training during the winter and to help you on your way to better results leading into 2018.

1) Clothing – this is such a simple one to look at but make sure you have the correct clothing on for your training, if you are thinking of continuing your running outside before or after work then you will most likely need base layers, a hat and some gloves. Ensure you stay warm enough so you don’t use the change in weather as an excuse to not head out and train.

2) Plan your sessions – if you know full well you hate being outside and in the cold, then look at switching up your training programme so you have more indoor sessions. Then it will be a lot easier psyching yourself up to head outside only once a week rather than 3-4 times. Book yourself into gym classes and make the most of your gym memberships.

3) Dig in – It is tough, horrible, wet and cold. But the sense of achievement when you finish training is worth getting out there for. It will help build up your mental strength and it shows not only yourself but other people who may doubt you that you are committed. That way when smaller issues come up you are more likely to find an answer rather than an excuse.

4) Embrace the change – Not only does the weather change but so does the food. Try to eat seasonal food but ensure you are adjusting your calorie intake to the change in foods. Winter is when most people give up on healthier food choice and go for calorie and carb dense foods which causes weight gain. Get creative with your meals but ensure you keep control over what you are eating.

5) Try something new – Keep your health and fitness plans interesting, if you are trying to continue your summer plan then you are more than likely going to fall off. Eat more soups, try new gym classes, experiment with carb alternatives like cauliflower rice and use more root vegetables!

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