Exercising During Your Second Trimester

Posted by Ben Simpkins on January 25, 2018
  • Hurray! You’ve made it through the first part of your pregnancy, if you need our post about exercising during your first trimester then CLICK HERE. This new stage should be where you can start enjoying your pregnancy. The nausea should ease up a little by now although you are going to be going through more visible changes with the bump beginning to show which will lead to postural changes and potentially lower back pain, this isn’t always a certainty though depending upon how your body adapts to your baby.

    If you felt like you couldn’t exercise during your first trimester but now you can, first consult with your doctor for advice about starting up a routine as it would have been quite an absence from training. You should look at following our advice for training during your first trimester if you are going to start now and you have been given the go ahead from the GP.

  • Changes you’ll now need to make

    Moving into the 2nd trimester you will have to adjust your daily habits to ensure both you and your baby are both in great health. One of the main things you will need to adjust will be laying on your back, you shouldn’t be on your back for long periods of time and your doctor may tell you to not be on your back at all but it should be ok for a few minutes but try to get out of the habit now. Your body is great at letting you know when things are not right and if you are laying on your back you will need to move if you being to feel light headed, nauseous, dizzy or if you just don’t feel right.

    Obviously lying on your stomach goes out the window too so the baby stays safe.You may need to stop your exercise routine if you feel any of the following issues below while training;

    • Dehydration – constantly keep a water bottle to hand, even if you are not exercising.
    • Feel nauseas
    • Feel too hot
    • Any vaginal bleeding, abdominal or pelvic pain
    • Can’t hold a conversation while training

    Stretching will need to become limited as the further you get through your pregnancy the higher the levels of relaxin hormone will be present in your system, so a gentle stretch works well.

    Other things like crunches and exercises which cause you to hold your breathe for extended periods, mainly caused in heavy lifting and static holds need to be cut out too. You should always be able to talk throughout your session and hold a conversation, if that’s not possible ease up a little as you won’t be getting enough oxygen.

  • What can you do during your 2nd trimester

    Keeping up with your strength training will be vital so again using free weights, body weight and machines to build strength in your posture to try to limit the amount of strain that the lower back will begin to take as your bump grows and keeping up with the leg work with squats and deadlifts.

    TRX work and will become a fantastic way to compliment your training as each time you train you will be a little bit heavier so it will become a natural progression for your body. Yoga and Pilates tailored for mums to be can also build up essential strength in the required muscles. Ensure that you keep up the core work we posted about in our last blog too, look to be completing 2-3 gym sessions a week if possible.

    Other forms of exercise can be running (if you were running before your pregnancy and continued throughout your first trimester), walking, swimming and cardio machines. You want to be hitting around 2-3 sessions a week of these to compliment your strength programme, look to do 30-60 minutes at a time and try to hit 3 hours of cardio each week.

  • Just a few other health and safety bits to finish this blog off, I know it’s not as exciting reading but it is essential to you and your baby’s health.

    • Stay hydrated, cannot stress this enough! Make sure you are constantly topping up your hydration levels
    • Watch your balance, As the baby grows your centre of gravity will change so tasks you did before like taking stairs, getting into the shower and putting on clothes will become more challenging.
    • Take your time and keep your balance.
    • Wear supportive shoes, ankles are usually weak at the best of times but combine that with excess relaxing, extra weight, a change in posture and a change in the centre of gravity can lead to upset ankles and feet.
    • Wear easily removable layers, it is easier to take layers off when you get too hot rather than to warm up if you are too cold. You should be careful not to overheat but ensure your clothing can be easily changed to allow you to cool down.
    • Keep moving, keep yourself active, remember the reason why you are trying to stay fit throughout your pregnancy;

    .Provide back support
    .Improve your posture
    .Help support the baby
    .Reduce risk of Diastasis Recti
    .Help push the baby during birth
    .Get back to fitness post baby
    .Decrease the chances of incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse

    But obviously don’t push through if your body isn’t up to it. Some days it just doesn’t work and you can just try again tomorrow.

    I hope this helps a little more and good luck through the next stage of your pregnancy, by the time you need the next post about your 3rd trimester you will be on count down!! So exciting!!

    As always, if you have any questions or need any support please fire us an email at info@emlb.co.uk and we are more than happy to help you with any queries.

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