The 2 best running apps I love to use

Posted by Ben Simpkins on February 27, 2018
  • Our personal training clients come to us for a wide range of goals and targets and we work with them to improve their accountability as most people fail with their goals due to not having someone to report to and hold them accountable for what they said they were going to do.

    We’ve all been there in the office where you tell everyone you’re on a health kick, people as what you are doing differently, they seem interested and then never ask again. This gives you the slack to just not get it done. If you haven’t got to tell anyone you didn’t do a workout, why would you? But with our personal training clients we need to make sure they are as active as possible to achieve their results.

    Now for a lot of people their main downfall is cardio, they hate it! It’s boring, it’s hard and it is a lot of effort trying to figure out where you should go for your running route and this is where these 2 apps come into their own and this is why I love using them for our PT clients. Below is a description of the 2 apps and also a little update on what events we are launching for the next couple of months!

  • Footpath


    This is a paid app, it costs 99p but it is the best 99p you will spend regarding your cardio training, it allows you to draw on a google map the route you wanted to follow and use. It then tells you the distance based on what you have drawn.

    You can then figure out what distance you want to be doing and know exactly where you need to run to so you can get that distance under your belt. It is a fantastic way from building yourself up from being able to run 100m to 10km in no time.

    I love this app as it can allow to find new routes while allowing you to know the distance you are covering which really helped out when we took part in the 100k challenge in November (next one is in April by the way!) as it meant we weren’t just running the same 10-15k route every time and you could switch it up or build your route. I managed to get up to a 24k run which for me was incredible as I usually get bored after 3k!

    I can’t recommend this app enough and we have no issue recommending it to all our clients.

  • Strava


    This is a free app and I love it. Strava is your tracking app that records how far you have run by linking your phone up like a GPS, it also has little mini run challenges around you so one of my regular runs in London is along the Thames from Putney Bridge up to Hammersmith Bridge that in itself is a mini challenge within your run. You get award PBs for certain sections of your runs and PBs on all the major running distances you could want.

    It keeps everything on your profile, all you need to do is bring your phone and run your route that you have hopefully planned on Footpath.

    Along with this they have monthly challenges, you can join groups with friends and you can join up with the EMLB one too which will be going live on the 1st March along with our first challenge, followed by the 100km challenge again in April.

    Use these apps to help you stay as active and focused as possible throughout the year, the first quarter is coming to an end so set yourself a goal for the 2nd quarter of 2018, its only 3 months and a hell of a lot can be achieved in that period of time but you just need to focus on what small steps you can take to move towards your big goal.

    Start by signing up to our 10 km per week challenge in march to set you up for the start of the next quarter where we can really go hard on what you want to achieve. The April challenge has been planned so that it can link it well with our running challenge we will be doing for Virtual Runner where you complete with challenges to win yourself a medal and this is tracked through Strava but if you want more information on that then just drop us an email on and we will answer any questions you may have.

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